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All puppies from this litter are sold, hope you enjoy the pictures and movies.

01/17/03 - CH Karamar Kahlua Mudslide Kali was bred to CH Caven's Coca-Mo Brute - if all goes well puppies would be whelped mid-March.
03/16/03 - The pups have arrived, 6 females, 2 males!! Click here to see Kali and her pups.
03/19/03 - The pups are all doing well!! Click here to see today's movie.
03/20/03 - Movie
03/22/03 - Picture of the day.
03/23/03 - Picture of the day.
03/25/03 - Picture of the day.
03/27/03 - Picture of the day.
03/29/03 - Picture of the day.
04/01/03 - Movie or Picture of the day. The pups are starting to walk and most have their eyes open.
04/03/03 - Picture of the day.
04/04/03 - Picture 1 or Picture 2 of the day. Time for a new pool!!
04/06/03 - Picture of the day.
04/08/03 - Picture of the day. Ouch!! Puppy teeth are coming in!!
04/09/03 - Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 of the day. Pups are now lapping up some goats milk and baby cereal.
04/10/03 - Picture If the weather holds, the pups will have their first visit outside this weekend.
04/11/03 - Picture 1 Picture 2 taken outside. The pups were not comfortable outside especially when Kali barked at a strange noise. They all came running to hide by me.
04/12/03 - Composite picture taken outside. They are still not very comfortable with the outdoors.
04/13/03 - Picture taken outside. Each day is getting a little better with the great outdoors.
04/14/03 - Movie taken outside.
04/15/03 - Movie or Red boy outside Success!! Everyone had a great time outside this morning.
04/17/03 - Movie and Lunch on the run Even with the temperature in the 40s, the pups are wanting to go outside and play for a little while. They are able to climb in and out with the aid of blanket by the patio doors.
04/18/03 - Guess how many pups are in the Garfield cat bed.
04/19/03 - Composite photo of the pups courtesy of Jennifer. Composite side shots of the pups, also courtesy of Jennifer.
Kali has had it with the little "suckers" and their teeth, she will only stay in with them for a few minutes at a time - time to wean them.
04/22/03 - Movie A beautiful sunny day for the pups to be outside. You can see in the movies that the pups are very steady on their feet now and can run and jump - and also fight.
04/23/03 - Movie and Time with mom
04/24/03 - Playtime Blue Napping Brown Playing
04/26/03 - How Many Pups fit under a lawn chair.
04/27/03 - Maggie playing with the pups - Too tired to go inside - Tug of war - Gimme that toy
04/30/03 - Tug of war   Movie
05/02/03 - Pups were outside exploring a puppy pool. Now I know who is playing in the water dish.
05/03/03 - Keep away   Lounge Lizard   Composite head shots stacks
05/08/03 - Multi's new Family   Grace and Faith (Multi)  
05/10/03 - The big day has arrived - the pups are leaving for their new homes. Meet their new families..... Red boy is now Lambeau (Bo)   Brown boy is now Hunter   Pink girl is now Poppy  A few of the remaining pups found a new interest.... The Excavators  
05/11/03 - Faith (multi girl) goes home  
05/12/03 - Yellow, Orange, and Purple girls are still looking for new homes.
05/14/03 - Yellow and Orange Playing
05/17/03 - Yellow hiding in the dogloo
05/18/03 - Official Puppy Socializers on the job   Maggie giving kisses
05/22/03 - Dandelion wars   Blue and Orange
05/23/03 - I hope Purple girl had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with her new family.
05/27/03 - Yellow and Orange are still waiting for a new home.
06/03/03 - Orange contemplating the next plant to attack   Yellow and Blue playing with mom  
06/13/03 - Zoe (Orange) with her new family   CC (Chocolate Chip aka Yellow) with her new family I has been a little too quiet around here since they left...
The Blue girl finally has a name, Ellie. Kali and I thank everyone for choosing to bring one of her pups into their homes and lives. We wish everyone the best.
08/01/03 - Recent pictures of the pups.
Cailin (Purple girl) -the team mascot  
Faith(Multi) resting after a run with mom   Faith and mom resting  
CC(Yellow) on her new bed  
Poppy(Pink) ready to jump the fence  
Lambeau, Poppy and Faith in the pool  
Lambeau cooling off  
10/15/03 - 6-month pictures of some of the pups.
CC(Yellow girl) ready to pounce on the cat  
CC relaxing with her toy  
Poppy(Pink girl) fishing for Koi  
Ellie(Blue girl) stacked in the sweepstakes ring at the Nationals  
Ellie head shot  
Kali at the Nationals, she won her class and took home a blue ribbon and a pewterware stein. She looked awesome  
Faith (Multi girl) head shot with Duluth Harbor in the background.  
Faith looking out over the harbor  
11/15/03 - Faith (Multi girl) and Kali relaxing after some hard work fetching a ball. 
Poppy (Pink girl) sharing a drink with her owner. 
12/25/03 -Pictures from Christmas 2003 - CC (Yellow girl) in the snow . 
Poppy (Pink girl) in the snow.  Poppy wearing mom's sweater
Lambeau (Red boy) standing.  Lambeau and family shot

03/17/03 -The pups are 1 year old!! - CC (Yellow girl) with one of her presents . 
Ellie(Blue girl) relaxing.  Faith(Multi) and her  family    Zoe(Orange girl) head shot  Zoe and Friend on squirrel alert. 
12/25/04 - Christmas '04 - Poppy(Pink girl) with her family. Poppy relaxing.
CC(Yellow girl) on her favorite vehicle.
Kali and Ellie
03/17/05 - Two years old today!! - Ellie(Blue girl)   CC(Yellow girl)   Lambeau(Red boy)   Faith(Multi girl)   Faith(Multi girl)   with her girls.
08/17/05 - Poppy (Pink girl) as the Canine sand toy  
10/28/05 - Faith (Multi girl) on Vacation Faith 1   Faith 2   Faith 3   Faith 4  
12/15/05 - Hunter(Brown boy) Christmas 2005 Hunter   Hunter and Chase  
01//07 - Poppy (Pink girl) and Edward on vacation Poppy I   Poppy II  
12//07 - Faith (Multi girl) her family Faith  
12//08 - CC(Yellow girl) and Melina CC