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All puppies from this litter are sold.

Maia was bred to BISS Grand CH Shalimar's The Animator "Cyrus", on November 6th.    Puppies are due January 6th, +/- 2 days, and will be ready to go home March 3.

The litter will be Blacks and Chocolates.

I'm now taking names and once Maia is confirmed to be pregnant, I will accept deposits to hold your position on the waiting list. The position of your name on the waiting list determines the order that you will be picking your puppy.   Click Here to view my puppy sales contract.

11/6  Maia was bred to Cyrus. An ultrasound will be done early December to see if Maia is pregnant.
12/03  Maia is pregnant, the ultrasound found 7 puppies.
12/25  Maia at 12 days  to go.
12/30  Maia at 7 days  to go.
01/03  Maia's puppies have arrived, 3 Black Males, 1 Black Female, 3 Chocolate Males, 3 Chocolate Females for a total of 10!! Everyone is doing great. Tucked In  for the night. Maia's sides were shaved so the fetal heartbeats could be monitored using a Doppler and also to monitor her contractions during delivery. With the below zero weather she has a stylish coat to cover her up Trendsetting coat  
01/04  Maia is a great mom and the puppies are gaining weight. Snoozing  on mom. Puppy sounds  , Working it  , It worked, Got the good stuff  , Snoozing II  on mom.
01/05  Dew claws were removed this morning. Their bodies are filling out especially their tummies. Crashed out  , Family Portrait  .
01/06  Pups are feeding well, not sure if they are sleeping all that much because they are always eating!. The pups are moving around more and more quickly. Crashed out  , Getting crowded  .
Here's a chart to help identify the collar colors in the pictures.
Purple Black Male
Teal Black Male
Rust Black Male
Yellow Black Female
Green Choc Male
Red Choc Male
Black Choc Male
Pink Choc Female
Multi Choc Female
Lt Blue Choc Female
01/07  The pups are growing!! Today I had to let out the rick-rac collars on half of the pups. In a few days they will need to be moved to the big pool. Mom could use a bit more space too. Feeding all the pups is a tough job. Maia sleeping  while pups nurse, Snuggling with mom  , Snoring away  while pups eat.
01/08  Had all 10 pups nursing at the same time this morning. They have gotten big enough to reach the top row when Maia rolls back to expose the bottom row. Double decker  , Collapse of the double decker  .
01/09  A big day for the pups, more new collars and a new, bigger pool. Big Pool  .
01/10  One week old today!! More eating  , More eating II  
01/13  A bit of a scare for the yellow collar girl yesterday. She was not feeling well and not nursing or moving like the others. A trip to the Vet and some Clavamox has her feeling better today. She's not 100% yet, but definitely moving and nursing better. All the pups, except for the Orange boy are now at or over 2lbs. Moving around  
01/14  The yellow girl is doing great, hates the taste of the Clavamox, but is pretty much back to normal. The pups are starting to get up on their legs more when moving. Eating again  , More eating  
01/15  All the pups and mom are doing great. Always eating  
01/16  The pups are starting to interact with each other and with mom. I missed capturing the best interaction. One this one two pups are licking/mouthing each other. No signs of eyes opening up yet. Playing  
01/17  Two weeks old today!! We have a 3 lb-er, the Purple Boy, There will be a couple more 3 lb-ers tomorrow too. The pups are acting like toddlers, they are up on their feet and moving along quite well, especially when they smell that mom has gotten back into the pool. Green boy   trying to get mom to play with him. Pile of pups  .
01/18  Late last night I noticed some of the pups have tiny slits opening up their eyes. They can't really see out of the small opening but in the next couple of days they should be fully open. Breakfast lineup  , Moving around  , Licking mom  , Checking out my hand  , Chewing on mom's leg  , check out the jump and the end of the video.
01/20  The pups eyes are opening more each day, the Pink girl is probably has her eyes open the least. They can move better and better especially when mom is getting ready to enter the pool. When they all start barking and crying it can get very noisy. I had the pups in the small pool while I changed their bedding and they were Not Happy  , Moving better  but still wanting mom, Crashed out  .
01/21  The pups continue to walk and see better each day. It won't be long before they can climb out the small pool I put them in when I change their bedding. Morning nap  , Multi girl  mouthing a toy, Multi bugging  her sleeping sister.
01/23  Tomorrow the pups get moved to a big area, no more pools. More room for Maia and more space for the pups to walk and play. And they will start on a little goat milk and baby cereal, that should give Maia a little relief. Meal time  , Chocolate on top  , Mr Green and Pink fighting  , Everyone playing  , Bark-fest  .
01/24  Three weeks today!! Several pups are 4lbs already. Today was their first feeding of baby cereal and goat milk. Overall, everyone got that hang of licking up the cereal. Mr Purple  was the first to try the cereal, he did an excellent job. Full tummies  , Ms Pink  . The move to the big area is postponed until tomorrow.
01/25  Everyone is 4lbs and over today. The baby cereal is a great hit, messy, but they love it. The pups were moved to their new area. More room to move around and for Mama to spread out. New area  , Getting crowded  , Room to spread out  .
01/26  The best part of having puppies is being in their pen and they love to crawl up on your lap for some hugs and kisses Lap dogs  . And no longer sleeping on the couch next to them. I can feel teeth coming in, feels like they are just breaking through the skin.
01/27  The pups were very feisty this morning Fighting  , Cuddling with Jim  .
01/28  The pups are getting their teeth, they seem to be mouthing my fingers and hands more and each day the teeth are getting more noticable. Chowing down  , Mr Green snoozing  , Sleeping and relaxing with mom  .
01/29  Working on getting the pups to the potty area when they wake up. Not easy to get 10 pups going in the same direction. Cuddling with Jim  .
01/31  4 weeks old today. Pups were starvin' Marvins this morning so they got canned food with their cereal and goat milk. Will gradually add feedings until they are up to 4xday. That will give Maia some relief, seems they are always hungry! Next week they will start moistened kibble. Their teeth are mostily in and they hurt!! Head shots  .
02/01  The pups crashed after visitors this morning. Scattered about  . After their lunch feeding, the had to climb on Jim. They all want up on his chest but there's not much room left. Arm-full of pups  .
02/03  The pups are getting to be way too big to fit and nurse together, pretty soon they may be standing up to nurse. The attack  , I stopped the movie and helped the bottom row get attached. Out of room  . Maia thinks the little bed is for her Baby bed  , Feeding time gets a little noisy. Even after they have been fed they all join in the chorus. Food NOW  .
02/04  Playing I  , Playing II  .
02/05  A new way to have Breakfast  .
02/06  The pups were wild and crazy this evening after their dinner. They may have slept too long this afternoon. They are also starting to recognize their names (collar color). A new way to have Before dinner  , after dinner .. Yellow and Black  , Playing around  , More Playing Around  , Blue girl and the shark  .
02/07  5 weeks old today. They got their first taste of softened kibble this evening for their dinner. Pink and Blue were not impressed. The rest of the pups were OK with the change. Feeding takes a lot longer now since they have to chew a bit to get the kibble down. After their feeding, with full bellies, they crashed hard. Everyone weighs in the upper 7 pounds. Out cold  .
02/08  Pink and Blue girls are still less than impressed with the new food. The others are chowing down.. Mr Black and Jim  , Playing  , More playing  .
02/10  Mr. Orange has been the biggest pup for the last few days. Today he hit 9 lbs. Teal boy and Multi girl are right behind him. I took a movie of the pups climbing up on me, trying to get some head shots  . I was able to get some candid shots of the ones that were awake. Green boy  , Purple I  , Purple II  , Teal boy  , Orange boy  . I then made a movie of the ones that were Sleeping  , Playing  
02/11  Today the pups got some rawhide chews to try out. I think they were a hit and prevented some of the chewing on each other. Chewing  , Morning attack  .
02/12  Photo session today for the pups. Head shots  , Stacks  .
02/14  6 weeks old today!! Maia is letting them nurse 3-4 times a day and we are feeding them softened kibble 4x day also. The biggest pup is Mr. Orange at 10lb 15oz, the smallest is Ms Pink at 9lb 14oz. Everyone else is at least 10 lbs. I will only weigh them weekly from now on as I know how much they are eating at each meal. The pups got a new treat today, small bones. I think they like the small rawhides better. Bones  , Bones II  , Bones III  , Where's Lunch  .
02/15  A new toy today, a box with holes cut out. It's great for secret attacks on the other pups. Box  , Box II  .
02/16  We decided to get the pups outside today. The temps the rest of the week were too frigid so they went outside for 5 minutes or so. They did have a good time while they were out there. Snack  on the run, Outside  , Outside II  .
02/17  Teaching the pups to sit quietly for a treat  .
02/18  The box is showing some wear and tear but still a favorite hangout. Playing in the box  .
02/19  The pups were wild and crazy this morning. They are staying awake longer and playing after breakfast. This morning they were especially active. I gave them some tripe chews and they were running and chasing each other. Too bad it's so cold outside, they could use a trip outside Playing  , Playing I  , Playing II  , Playing III  .
02/20  Big day for the pups. They went to the Cities for their eye exam. We had 3 crates in the van to hold them and this was their first time being in a crate. It was extremely noisy until about Cannon Falls when they quit their crying. The exam went well, everyone passed with flying colors. The trip back was quiet, I think they were pretty tired and couldn't see well, so sleep was the best for them. Box attack  , Chew fest  . I fixed the PVC dog bed hoping that tomorrow the pups can go outside for a little while. Meanwhile they can play on and under it new toy  .
02/21  7 weeks today!! And a perfect day to go outside and play. The pups had a good time in the sun and snow. Hardly any wind and they took advantage of it. The biggest pup was the Black boy at 13lb 2oz, followed by Red boy at 13lb 1oz and then the Black colored males at 13.0. Multi is the biggest girl at 12lb 10 oz. Pink is the smallest at 11lb 14oz. Snow  , Snow II  , Snow III  .
02/23  A busy day for the pups. They got their check-ups, shots and microchips. Everyone did great and passed. Tomorrow I will try to get pictures and movies. The weather isn't looking good for a trip outside.
02/24  The old box fell apart and the new box is not looking very good so far. By noon one of the flaps was off of it. We were able to get outside in the sun for a little while. The wind was very strong but didn't seem to bother the pups. I would have had more movies from outside if I could hit the button and stop the movie properly. Treat Class  , Treat Class II  , New box  , Outside  .
02/25  Maia is still allowing the pups to nurse about once a day. After this morning's snack she wanted to stay with them and play. Playing with mom  , Mom II  , New toy  .
02/27  Last full day with all the puppies here. Tomorrow is a big day for a couple of them. Some will be going home this weekend. Sort of sad and at the same time joyous. Snack from mom  , Old box  , New box  .
02/28  Mr Teal is now with his new family and big brother Marshall. He is now called Rajah  . Here are the final pictures taken at the seeseement. Head and Stack shots  .
03/01  Mr Red is now with his new family and is called Olaf  .
03/02  Mr Black is now with his new family and is called Rolo  . Seems we have a movie theme (Aladin and Frozen) going and a Candy theme to the names. Outside for some playing since the weather was somewhat warmer. Outside  , Outside II  , Outside III  .
03/04  Mr Green is now with his new family and is now called Verno  . A new Tug toy  .
03/06  Finally some warm weather and time to play in the melting snow. Outside  , Outside II  .
03/07  Mr Orange has a new family and is called Banjo  .
03/10  Photos of Olaf (Mr. Red) courtesy of Cats Photography. Flying  , Lying down  , On his back  , Sitting up  .
03/11  The outside puppy area has been expanded. Additional fencing was purchased as some of the old sections have stakes that are still frozen in the gound. Bigger area  . I brought out a small water bucket and that was the best toy yet for the pups. , water bucket  . Ms Multi is obsessed with the water bucket , Multi and bucket  .
03/12  Inside time with Jim in the puppy pen. . Jim and Pink  ,
03/16  The last of the warm days outside. Rajah(Mr Teal) is here for a visit. He has fit right back in with the rest of the pups. Rajah  ,
03/19  The last full day with Ms. Multi, as she will be leaving tomorrow with her new family. Cool outside but not too cold, the house protected us from the wind for a while. Rajah and Multi  , Rajah and Multi II  , Morning treat class  .
03/20  Ms. Multi is now Lucy  .
03/22  The pups had a blast in the snow today. They were running, sliding and eating the snow. Snow  , Snow II  , Snow III  , Snow IV   .
03/28  The snow is finally starting to melt. Melting  , Melting II  .
03/30  The snow is finally gone!! Playing  .
04/17  Warm weather and the swimming pool is filled with water. Playing   in the water, Bonnie (Blue girl) falls out of the pool.
07/06  Bonnie(Blue girl) chilling on the dog bed. She had ectopic ureter surgery on April 1 and has fully recovered and is now completely normal. Chilling  .
07/27  Bonnie has a new home in Northern Illinois. Bonnie   and her new family.
01/03/16  A year old already.
Beckett(Pink girl), Kaiser (Purple boy) and Sadie(Yellow girl)  .
Olaf (Red boy)  . Olaf)  
Rolo (Black boy)  . Rolo  
Banjo (Orange boy)  . Banjo  
Rajah 7 mos (Teal boy)  . Rajah 1 yr   Rajah  
Lucy 7 mos (Multi girl)  . Lucy  
Bonnie 8 mos (Blue girl)  .
Bonnie at 1 yr (Blue girl)  . Bonnie2  . Bonnie3  .
Verno (Green boy) at 20+ months  .