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https://www.greenstonelabradors.com/copy-of-coach All the puppies in this litter are sold.

09/13   Beckett was bred to CH Greenstone's Music Man "Jagger" on September 13th.    The litter will be all chocolate puppies. Ultrasound is the second week of October and the litter will be due November 13 +/- 2 days. Puppies will be ready for their new homes the second week of January.
10/9   Beckett's ultrasound showed 8 puppies. Her due date is November 13th +/- 2 days. Ultra Sound
11/6   Beckett has a week to go and is getting uncomfortable. I'm thinking she will go early and have them on Monday the 11th. 1 week to go
11/11   Beckett started labor Sunday morning and had the first pup, Pink girl, around 4:30. She finished up after 2am on Monday. She delivered 11 pups, 6 males, 4 females and one tiny female that was stillborn. The Crew
11/12   Everyone has been gaining and Beckett is a good mom. Puppy sounds  , Proud Mama
The pups were in to have their dew claws removed. Everyone did well.
Color code for the collars
Males - Green, Med Blue, Red, Lime, Yellow, Black
Females - Pink, Lt Blue, Multi, White
Birth Weights ...
Green ......13.8 oz
Med Blue. 14.8 oz
Red ........14.5 oz
Lime ...... 15.8 oz
Yellow .....12.o oz
Black ......13.2 oz
Pink ...... 14.0 oz
Lt Blue ... 13.0 oz
Multi ......10.0 oz
White ......13.0 oz
11/13   The pool is filling up.
11/14   This is what happens when mom slides into the pool. Hills and valleys for the pups to navigate. Multi-level   The pups are filling out and some have a bit of a tummy on them. Nap time   Top View
11/16   Puppy pile
11/17   One week old today! Starting to get a little more sleep at night. Have to feed the pups in shifts, smaller ones first and then the lunkers last. They have doubled their birth weight in just a week. All Spread out   First Shift   Second Shift Sleeping   Working it   Noisy Lunch  
11/18   Red boy Chilling out
11/19   Pile up for Breakfast . Will be working on setting up the main pen as the pool is getting too small. All Spread out
11/20   New pen is partially setup. I'm sure Beckett will like the extra space. Fighting for that nipple  , more Fighting .
11/21   New pen is setup and blocked off so they don't get lost. Once their eyes are open the rest will be opened up. New area  , Room to spread out .
11/23   The new pen is working very well. Sometimes I find a pup under the covers, but I know they can't get out. They are now up on their feet, and like a toddler, they fall down a lot. No more slithering around. We had some visitors to help with socializing the pups. Griffin  , PJ and Mr Black  , Griffin & Miss Blue  ,
11/24   Two weeks today!! Beckett started running a fever last night so we went to the vet and she has the beginnings of mastitis. So she's on antibiotics and this morning the fever was gone and she's feeling better. The pups are gaining and haven't slowed down their growth a bit. No eyes open yet, probably another 3-4 days more. Always eating  .
11/25   When holding the Pink girl today I was able to see a small glint in the corner of her eye. Looks like their eyes will be opening soon. Mr Red was not happy that mom left and he was not full. He was first on when mom came back. The pups are making more noises now, some have a low growl and some a high pitched little bark. Unhappy Mr. Red  .
11/26   Beckett will be starting a different antibiotic and hopefully that will get her temperature back down to low normal. Even with the low grade fever the pups are packing on the weight. During the weigh in, most of the pups had small openings in the corner of their eyes. They are walking better. Seems that I smooth out the blankets and Beckett rearranges them, maybe she feels cooler laying directly on the tarp. Getting ready for a snowstorm that's supposed to hit tonight. Not sure I'm ready for this now. Blanket mover  .
11/27   Fun day with the pups. Most can see a bit and are interacting with each other and with me. They are walking better each day with less falling down. I'm feeling some teeth still under the gums of the pups. Won't be long before they start popping out. Breakfast   and you can see some small eyes are open, Miss White playing with mom  , Miss Multi mouthing my pants and fingers  , Miss Pink playing with mom  , Miss Pink mouthing anything she can find  , Miss Blue playng with my fingers  , Mr Lime snuggled in my arm  .
11/30   The pups are walking much better now, and can motor over to mom easily. Their eyes are fully open and they are watching my hands, hard to tell how much they hear right now. They must be hearing some noises as when one or two pups start crying, the rest join in and it can get pretty noisy. They like to crawl in my lap and lick my clothing or mouth my fingers. The teeth can be felt below the skin so it won't be long before I won't be wanting them to mouth my fingers. In the next couple of days they will be introduced to some baby cereal and milk to lap up. That will help with the demand on Beckett for milk. New way   to feed the pups. Playing around  , Playing II  , Pink and Red fighting  .
12/1   3 weeks old today. Crashed out  ,
3 week Weights ...
Green ......4lb 14oz
Med Blue....4lb 9 oz
Red ........4lb 7 oz
Lime ...... 5lb 6 oz
Yellow .....4lb 2 oz
Black ......4lb 7 oz
Pink ......4lb 9 oz
Lt Blue ... 4lb 6 oz
Multi ......3lb 11 oz
White ......4lb 6 oz
12/2   The pups got their first cereal this morning. There was no hesitation and most joined the clean plate club. Tomorrow they will get more and in a few days will work up to several times a day. Mr. Lime has a tooth that is no longer under the gum. The swarm  , Pink eating  , Red and Multi eating  , Multi and Black eating  , Green, Lt Blue and Lime eating  , All filled up  .
12/3   Another day with cereal for breakfast. The pups are liking it and aren't all that messy. Mom cleans off their faces. More of the pups have teeth that have poked through the gums and they like to mouth my fingers. The teeth are coming in fast. Mr Yellow  playing with mom, Mr Yellow  is persistent, Green White and Black snoozing  , They smell Mom  , Crashed out  .
12/4   Took some head shots of the pups. Some had to be woken up so don't look too awake and the light coming in may have been a bit bright for them. Black Boy  , Blue Boy  , Green Boy  , Lime Boy  , Red Boy  , Yellow Boy  , Lt Blue Girl  , Multi Girl  , Pink Girl  , White Girl  .
12/5   Pups will be getting cereal again tonight. Next Monday the cereal will be mixed with canned food. The weaning process is beginning. Pink & Lime  , Lt Blue Girl  , Lime and White  .
12/6   Mr. Lime is 6.5lbs, all except Multi are in the 5lb range, Multi is 4.5lbs. Multi, White, and Yellow all demanded more cereal this morning. Some crashed, some eating  Not sure why Red and Pink like to have their head tilted up in the corner, Morning cuddles  , Still eating  .
12/7   Had visitors to play with the pups. Morgan likes them all  .
12/8   $ weeks today!! Pups had canned food/cereal/goat milk for breakfast. No complaints and some wanted more. Mr Black, Ms Multi, Mr Yellow, Ms White all wanted more.. More visitors to play with the pups. Playing with pups , II , IV , V .
12/9   Pups were starving marvins this morning. They seem to be sleeping longer during the night, Beckett is still in with them and they are nursing through the night. Some movies of the pups playing Playing  , II , III , IV ,
12/10   Pups were starving marvins again this morning. This time I got a movie. Before breakfast  , after  .
12/11   Pups are now getting their food 3x/day. Hopefully they won't be so hungry in the morning. Beckett stays with them at night but she's probably not producing as much milk. Going to work on getting the fencing out of the pen so they have more room. The new baby toys from Chewy finally arrived. Playing and Sleeping  , More playing  .
12/12   The area for the pups has been expanded and they are enjoying the extra room. Will get the potty area setup tomorrow so they don't think it's ok to stop and pee any place they want to. This will take time..... Pink playing with me  , Pink and Green only ones awake  , Pink and Green again  , Expanded area  .
12/13   The potty area is up and well used already! I don't think I've had a litter figure out the potty area this quickly, I'm impressed with this crew. Decided to try them on softened kibble and put some down on the floor. The pups hoovered them up right away so I think they are ready to start on big puppy food. All spread out  , After breakfast  .
12/14   Still impressed with these pups and how fast they have figured out the potty area. Still nursing off of Beckett at night and they are very hungry by 8am. Feeding the softened kibble 3x/day and will start 4x/day soon. Playing with Jim  , Kisses from Mr. Lime  .
12/15   5 weeks old today. The pups are starting to eat their softened food much faster. Beckett had her first night outside of the pen. She doesn't want to spend much time with them, quick nurse and then she's gone.... After breakfast cuddles.  , Swarming me  .
12/16   Morning swarm  , More swarming  , Hungry pups waiting for dinner  .
12/17   Looks like the weekend will be in the 30s so if it's not too windy the pups will be taking a trip outside to play in the snow. Tried to get pictures of their heads looking at us, their focus changes very quickly and it was time for lunch. Waiting for food  , Waiting II  .
12/18   Pups are starting to make it through the night without having a visit with Beckett. By now they are probably not getting much and it's a free-for-all with each pup trying for a nipple. After breakfast daddy time  .
12/19   Some new toys for them to play with. I need to place a big order at Amazon to get a bigger box they can use as a play house. The small one I put in just isn't big enough. Also brought out the roly-poly treat toy and they have been dragging it and getting the kibble out. Even with it dry, they are snarfing it up. they are probably not getting much and it's a free-for-all with each pup trying for a nipple. Running with a new toy  , Playing  , Waiting for food  , Treat toy  .
12/20   Last night was my first in bed, goodbye couch! How to feed 6 pups at a time. Feeding theboys  ,
12/21   A day of 2 firsts. Pups had some marrow bones to chew on and then went outside for a romp in the snow. I think they had a good time as the sun was warm and little wind. They even got to go through the dog door on the way in. Ms Multi was the only one that kept coming back out, instead of in. Tomorrow is going to be even warmer and we plan on getting them out again. Bones  , Bones II  , Bones III  .
Outside  , Outside II  , Outside III  , Outside IV  , Outside V  , Outside VI  .
12/22   6 weeks today, all weighed and wormed again. Another beautiful day to be outside for a little while.
6 week Weights ...
Green.......10lb 1 oz
Med Blue....10lb 13 oz
Red.........10lb 2 oz
Lime....... 11lb 2 oz
Yellow...... 9lb 14 oz
Black.......10lb 5 oz
Pink........ 9lb 10 oz
Lt Blue.... 9lb 8 oz
Multi....... 9lb 1 oz
White....... 9lb 12 oz
12/23   Still fairly warm with less snow in the pen. The pups are starting to know their names (collar color) and even come over to you. Assuming there isn't something more interesting going on. they are probably not getting much and it's a free-for-all with each pup trying for a nipple. Outside  , Outside II  , Outside III  .
12/24   Pups were outside today and were not impressed, maybe they don't like how soggy it has gotten. Lot's of melting and not much sun. Waiting for food  . The evening feeding is usually quiet, not so in the morning. Jim handing out kibble bits  when their name is called and they are sitting.
12/25   Merry Christmas Hungry Hippos  .
12/26   Grand daughter, Katie, is here to play with the pups. Katie  .
12/27   Some sleeping  , Some jumping  .
12/29   They are getting pretty scrappy. Lots of noise and not as much biting - at times. Fighting  , Fighting II  .
12/30   9am visit for checkup, shots, and chips. A noisy ride getting there, somewhat less crying on the way home. They are pretty tired after their big adventure and the shots make them sleep more. Everyone has a clean bill of health. Snoozing  .
12/31   Finally outside again, but the wind is sharp. We went out twice for a short time. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Playing  , Playing II  .
01/01   Happy New Year. A nice sunny morning with little wind so we could stay outside longer. The pups use the dog door to go in/out and are liking being able to run. Playing  , Playing II , Playing III  , Playing IV  .
01/02   Outside playing again. Fairly warm for January. Playing  , Playing II .
01/03   Puppy assessment day to figure out who stays with me. Mr Lime and Ms White are the ones staying with me. head/stack shots  .
01/04   Ms Pink is now going to be living in Kansas. New owner  , New owner  . Her new name is Hazel and will be playing with a Clumber Spaniel. The New toys are a hit  , New toys II  .
01/05   8 weeks old today! First day with only 9 pups and the pups don't seem to notice, we have to use new math to figure out how many to feed or bring in. Another mild day for January. Outside  , Outside II  .
01/06   The pups love going outside and will run out of their pen toward the kennel area dog door. And they need the running around to burn off some energy. Future soccer player  , soccer II  .
01/07   The pups are going out 3 times a day to run around. Still mild today but colder weather coming tonight. Not sure they are going to like the cold. A little snow this afternoon and they loved that. dog bark  , Playing I  , Playing II  .
01/08   Cold outside with a wind. Pups played but didn't stay out long. Playing  .
01/09   Morning lineup waiting for Breakfast  .
01/10   Mr Black will be moving to Arizona with his new Owners   and his new name is Walter. Outside   playing with warm sun and moderate temps.
01/11   Very cold but no wind and bright sun so the pups had a good time playing. Playing  . Playing II  .
01/12   9 weeks today. Treat training  .
01/13   Some new snow to play in. Playing  .
01/14   Ms Multi has a new home and a new name, Maddy. Harley  .
01/15   Snowing again, and a little chilly. The pups disappear inside and usually come out when called. Coming back out  .
01/16   Bright sunshine but cold temps and no wind. Playing  , Playing II  .
01/17   The storm is heading our way. Still fairly warm so the pups are having fun. Playing  , Snow is starting to add up  .
01/18   The storm is pretty much over, but the very cold is on the way. Still snowing a little  , Mom and Kaiser smell a critter, grandma taking a snow bath  .
01/19   Ten weeks old today. Still snowing a little. The pups have been playing outside of their pen and then going in/out the dog door to play in the snow and potty. Outside  ,The best new toys are water jug and ice cream bucket.  .
01/21   Cold morning but warm sun. More snow tomorrow. Stare down  , Playing  .
01/23   Snowing lightly for the past 2 days. Fairly warm so the pups have been staying outside a while. Playing  .
01/24   Still snowing and still fairly warm. Heard the coyotes howling last night and again early this morning. Have the big dogs out again for protection. Mr Green  . The shrub trimmers are having a good time. The weight of the snow is lowering the branches for them. trimming  .
01/26   Mr Green and Mr Red are on their way to Massachusetts with their new owner. Mr Red  is now called Max, Mr Green  is now called Cowboy.
01/31   Mr Yellow and Mr Blue were donated to Patriot K9s of WI. They will be trained to aid veterans with PTSD or other with other needs. Mr Yellow & Blue greeting Patriot K9 representatives. More greeting  .
02/09   Thirteen weeks today. Ms Lt Blue is still available.
02/11   Triple Trouble  .
02/13   Trying out the new dog bed  .
03/1   The Blue boy is now with his veteran and is called Eddy. They are attending classes together. The Yellow boy will be going to his veteran soon. He is also attending training classes.
03/10   The Lt Blue girl is now called Maggie. Picture coming soon.