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All puppies from this litter are sold, hope you enjoy the pictures and movies.

04/18/04  Kali was bred to Can Ch Labradales Coffee Crisp (page down to "Coffee" to see his picture), puppies will be due 6/15 to 6/17. In mid-May she will either have a pregnancy test or be palpated to confirm pups are on the way. 
05/15/04  The trip to the vet confirmed that Kali is pregnant!!  
06/17/04  Kali had her pups this morning. 5 Pups,, 3 boys, 2 girls. Kali needed an emergency C-Section. Kali is doing good, the boys are real bruisers, the girls are smaller. 
06/19  The pups are growing. The little pink girl needs to be bottle fed as she has not been able to nurse well from mom. The rest of the pups are packing on the weight as mom has plenty of milk. The first movie
06/22  The boys are getting too fat!! Will have to keep Kali out of the pool so they don't constantly eat. The little pink girl was back to the vet and she has a small cleft palate. She's getting bigger, but it's hard to keep up with the boys. The boys are a bit fussy at times.
06/23  New movie .
06/24  One week old!!   Everyone is doing well, the Pink girl is getting close to pound. The big male is 2.5 lbs. The boys feel like lead when I pick them up. I think they have slowed down a tiny bit. Two of the boys have a rug burn from sliding thier big tummies across the bedding. Pretty soon they will be trying to walk a little.
06/26  Puppy pillow
06/28  Moving around more.
06/29  Crashed  Everyone is starting to walk around, even the black boy is attempting to lift up his fat tummy. Will try to get a movie tomorrow when the light is better.
06/30  Moving around   Snoozing
07/01  Two weeks old  Multi girl has her eyes open. The boys' eyes are just starting to show a small opening, they have so many wrinkles on their face it's hard to tell where the eyes should even be.
07/03  Starting to play   Moving around and wanting to see what is on the other side of the pool.
07/04  More moving around   The pups are looking at where voices are coming from and coming over to me. They finally made it to the side where I was at.
07/06  New home   New home 2  The pups were moved downstairs to a larger area. It's cooler down there so the big boys are more comfortable. The pink girl is now 2lbs as of today!! She has her eyes open and walks around just like the other pups.
07/08  All lined up   Fighting  The pups are now 3 weeks old. The black boy is 6lb 8oz, the multi girl is 4lb 8oz. The teeth are starting to come in, you can see the white bumps in the gums and can feel them when they chew on your hands.
07/10  Playing with toys   Black boy looking more like a Shar-Pei than a lab. More playing   The teeth are getting sharper, another couple of days and I won't be able to let them chew on hands and toes. Everyone got new collars as the ric-rac needed to be changed too often. The multi girl had a purple collar as I was unable to find one to match her.
07/11  Black boy  standing. Pink girl moving around.
07/12  Outside  for the first time and not really liking it. Will try again in a few days.
07/13  Black boy  playing with mom while the others are eating.
07/15  Dinner  4 weeks old today, time to start supplementing with softened food. Black boy is now 8lb 12oz, Red is 8 even, Blue is 7lb 10oz, Multi girl is 6lb 5oz. Pink is now 3lbs!! Black boy swatting the air, blue boy doing the splits.   More playing  
07/16  Boys   Boys 1   Boys 2  Girls   Red boy and Black boy just could not stay awake for the pictures. Blue boy was a natural when he was stacked for show Blue stack   Red stack   Black stack   Pink stack   Multi stack    
07/20  Outside  and enjoying it a bit more. It was so hot and humid the lens was steamed up. We didn't stay out long as the pups were starting to pant. Outside 2   We will go outside again when it's cooler.
07/21  Black  boy waiting for the next meal. Don't think he wants to miss out.
07/22  5 weeks old today! Black boy is 10lb 6oz, Red is 8lb 12oz,Blue is 9lb 11oz, Pink is 3lb 15oz, Multi is 7lb 11oz. None of them missed many meals. Everyone was outside today and enjoyed the first half, I think they got tired and started to get whiney. Of course I took the movie when they were more whiney Outside   Multi wanting in   Black running to me   Pink on the attack   Pink thinks she's pretty feisty and will try to fight with the rest of the pups, it doens't take long before she is on the ground. They others are just too heavy for her.
07/25  The pups really love to be outside now. They are exploring the whole area, digging, eating weeds and my shrubs. Blue with a ball   Multi with a toy   Pink beating up the boys   Discovering water   Playing   Digging   Lot's of dirty brown noses lately, I put some patio stones over the holes, hoping they won't get any bigger.
07/29  6 weeks today. Kali is still feeding the pups about every other feeding. She doesn't stay in with them long - their teeth hurt too much. Black boy is now 13lb 8oz, Red is 12lb 4oz, Blue is 11lb 11oz, Pink is 5lb 11oz, Multi is 9lb 10oz. Blue   Red   Black   Pink   Multi  
08/05  7 weeks today. Kali is still feeding the pups about twice a day. They all had their shots today and vet check. Everyone is doing great. Black boy is now 16lb, Red is 14.2lb, Blue is 14lb, Pink is 7lb 4oz, Multi is 11lb 6oz. Everyone was up north at the cabin the past 5 days. We had the pups down at the beach to dig in the sand and try some swimming. Everyone, except Pink girl, got in the water and swam. Black boy was a natural, he started walking in and when the bottom couldn't be used, he just started swimming away. The rest were a bit more tenative.
The cable modem is on the fritz so no pictures or movies until that is fixed - should be late on Monday.
08/07  I think I'm back online... Saturday was the day to pick the show puppy. The show pick is the Blue boy. I've included head and side shots of all the pups. The girls just would not stack, it was a real battle to them to quit squirming and stand still long enough to take a picture. Blue head   Blue stack   Red head   Red stack   Pink head   Pink stack   Multi head   Multi stack   Black head   Black stack   Pink and Black together size comparison   Playing in a box  
08/12  8 weeks today!! Off to the UofM tomorrow for the eye check and then the pups start going to their new homes. Everyone is doing great, Pink is now 9lb and all attitude. Pink on the attack   Black boy   Blue boy   Pink girl   Red boy   Multi girl   Crashed around the pool  
08/17  The black boy is now Koda and is at his forever home. Koda likes to watch TV   and cool his belly on the AC vent   The blue boy will be staying here with me, the red boy will be leaving for IL this weekend with his new family. The multi(purple collar) girl is still looking for a new home. The pink girl will be leaving soon too. All crashed out  
08/19  9 weeks today. Tug of war   The new jungle gym   and I've seen them slide down the front of the cart.
08/22  Two more pups left for their new homes today.Red boy is now Bean   and lives with Kali's brother Max and his family. The Multi girl(purple)   also joined her new family.
08/30  Ten+ weeks now. Blue boy now has a fancy name Karamar Royal Kona Blend, Kona  for short. Pink girl also has a name, Karamar Unbelievable Journey, Bella  for short. The look   another Tug of war  
09/04  Bean  (Red boy) snoozing with his Uncle Max.
09/11  Koda  (Black boy) at 12 weeks
09/18  Bella  (Pink girl) on the dock trying to jump to me. Kona  (Blue boy) with ears flapping in the wind. A few minutes later, Kona pushed Bella into the water. She landed feet down.. didn't even get her head wet and swam off to shore. It seems that the times we are at the cabin the waves are way too large for the little ones to really swim without the waves breaking over their heads.
10/01  Bella  (Pink girl) fishing for a rock in the pool. Kona  (Blue boy) with a squeaky toy. Kona  with a rock in his mouth. Bella  with one ragged dog toy. Bella   Mutt and Jeff  pausing on the steps.   15 weeks old now. Bella and Kona went in for their last shots, Bella is now 21 lbs, Kona is 31 lbs. Everyone is doing great.
10/10  Koda  (Black boy) at 16 weeks doing tricks for a treat. Koda  on "his" chair. Koda   lounging on an ottoman.
10/20  Bean  (Red boy) in the leaves.
11/24  Koda  (Black boy) helping with Thanksgiving dinner.
12/17  The pups are 6 months old now. Bella  (Pink girl) attacking a doggie bagel. Kona and Bella   Kona and Bella   Koda  (Black boy) watching TV. Koda   on the bed. Bean (Red boy)   stealing a toy.
03/17  The pups are 9 months old now. Kona & Bella   playing with a toy. Kona   and Bella  with her favorite thing to steal - my gloves. Bella   on the move. Koda  (Black boy) checking the neighbors Koda  looking good.
05/21  The pups are 9 months old now. Kona   modeling his new collar.
05/21  Some Koda (Black boy) pictures. Let me out   Koda 2  
06/04  Some Koda (Black boy) pictures. Let me out   Koda 2  
07/16  Pictures of Koda and Bella. Koda head shot   Bella, my daughter and granddaughter  
08/14  Some Koda (Black boy) pictures. Head shot  
10/09  Some Koda (Black boy) pictures. Head shot  
03/26/06  Some Bean (Red boy) pictures. Head shot   Stack  
12/07  Koda (Black boy) on the couch. Koda  
12/08  Bella (Pink girl) Bella