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All the puppies in this litter are sold.

Beckett was bred to CH Greenstone's Music Man "Jagger" on September 24th.    The litter will be all chocolate puppies. Ultrasound is the third week of October and the litter will be due November 24 +/- 2 days. Puppies will be ready for their new homes the second week of January.
10/20   Beckett's ultrasound showed 6 puppies! Her due date is November 24th +/- 2 days. Ultra Sound 1   Ultra Sound 2
11/13   Beckett has 11 days to go and is getting bigger. 11 days to go
11/18   Beckett has 6 more days to go but I think she'll go early like past litters. I hope she holds off until Monday. 6 days to go
11/19   Beckett had her x-ray today, there are 9 confirmed and they feel there is another one that is hiding behind another pup. Waiting for the x-ray picture to be sent to me.
11/22   A very busy weekend and Monday. Beckett started labor late Saturday and continued until Sunday when it got more serious. I was expecting puppies late Sunday night but nothing happened. Monday morning she was still in first stage and she seemed to be in more pain than expected. Monday morning there was no change so we went to the Cities for a C-section. It was a good thing because she had some adhesions in the horn and they had to make two incisions to get all the puppies out. Everyone is perfectly fine and I know Beckett is feeling much much better. There are 7 girls and 3 boys. Just what I had hoped for! Now Beckett and I need to get some sleep
Very noisy eaters   probably from the anesthesia   Puppy pile  
Collar Colors for the girls
Orange (rust color)
Male Collar Colors
11/23   The pups had a trip to the vet this morning to remove their dew claws. Everyone has gained some weight since their birth. Beckett's milk is not fully in yet and being only 2 days old, they fill up quickly. She's a good mom and keeps the pups very clean. The noise level has gone down unless there is a pup that is hungry and Beckett has run dry. All piled up
11/24   A better night, the pups are getting better at finding the nipple and the anesthesia effect seems to be gone. Bigger gains in weight since yesterday and they show that they are filling out more. Their coats seem thicker and have lost the lines in the coats that were visible when they were first born. All sleeping   Some eating
11/25   Happy Thanksgiving! All the pups posted good gains in weight and seem to be going longer between trips to the milk bar. Need a bigger box  The pups came home in that box and I put them in it when I change the bedding. The box might not last more than another day!   Always nursing   Yellow girl moving well for 4-days old   Top view  
11/26   Eat and crash preventing another pup from eating  
11/27   Busy day keeping the bedding clean, clipping toenails, removing pile-ups. The pups love to eat and fall asleep preventing another pup from using the nipple. Eat in shifts   Just about out of the pool   Mr Black was working it for milk, no idea the pup was next to him being shaken up. The box is officially full
11/29   One week old today! I can see that the pups have gotten broader and longer and their tails are getting the otter look to them. Pile-up again   Full pile-up   Beckett actually looked at the camera for a change.
11/30   Last day of November and it feels like spring outside. That won't last long. Lots of drama this morning Someone didn't get enough breakfast.   Mr Black   trying to make his way through the puppy pile.   Eating in Shifts .  
12/1   Captured this late last night Ms Multi passing out.   Pool   running out of room.   Pink & Orange   passed out over mom's arm.
12/2   Some movies milk coma     II     Ms Orange stuck   Working it  
12/3   Another movie Movie  
12/4   Beckett started running a temp, so off to the vet and some antibiotics for mastitis Pile-up    Top view  
12/5   Beckett wasn't feeling the best the early part of the day. The antibiotics must have kicked in as she decided to eat her food again.   sucking it down  
12/6   Two weeks old today. Beckett is doing well on the antibiotics. We were going to setup the main pen, but the horrible winds and cold today made us decide to postpone until a bit warmer. The pool is getting tight for space so I'll setup a temporary pen with some fencing. Haven't seen any eyes open yet. You can see by the weights that there is quite a difference between the pups. I have to first let 6 of the smallest pups first nurse and when they pass out, let the 4 big pups then nurse. Without separating the pups, the big ones take over and bulldoze the little ones off the nipple. The big ones are determined, that's for sure. The small ones will catch up when they are transitioned to softened kibble and fed separately. Will start with cereal and milk at 3 weeks. That will take the burden off of Beckett too.
2 week Weights ...
Pink ........2 lb 14oz
Red .........1 lb 12oz
Orange .....1 lb 13oz
Purple ......2 lb 8oz
Green .......2 lb 14oz
White .......1 lb 12oz
Yellow ......1 lb 14oz
Teal ......... 2 lb 12oz
Black .......2 lb 3oz
Multi .......3 lb 4oz
  crowded pool     playing with mom  
12/7   Time for toenails again and this time there are several pups with eyes partially open. Purple, Yellow, Teal Full tummies  
12/9   The pups have a new pen with a lot more room. Eventually we will be putting up an even bigger pen. All the pups have open eyes and some even know how to bark, mostly it's more like crying. They seem to be going longer between nursings. Getting noisy   New diggs  
12/10   With a heavy heart and lots of tears,Ms White and Ms Red have passed away. Still trying to figure out what went wrong. Most likely they became septic due to the mastitis that Beckett had. We tried everything but nothing changed the outcome and perhaps being smaller in size they weren't able to fight off the bacteria. It has taken me a while to even want to talk about it. Rest in peace little ones.
12/13   I needed some puppy therapy after the loss of White and Red. Lap pups   Hill climb   Multi is out  
12/14   More Therapy Purple hiding   wide load  
12/15   New Digs and food Feisty Yellow   Puppy whisperer   Bitey Face   Teal & Purple with cereal   Pink clean plate club   Pink was the winner for cleaning up her dish. Orange and Yellow were not impressed with the food and refused to eat it. The rest ate about half or so.
12/16   New Digs   tanked up/cleaned up   Their teeth are very noticable and getting sharper each day. They now have a new pen with firm sides that you can lean against.
12/18   Playing in the pool   while the bedding gets replaced. Not a lot of activity with the pups, they have been in eat/sleep and repeat mode. Lot's of growing happening. The teeth are out and they have been biting each other. They are getting cereal, goat milk and some canned food all mixed together twice per day. This has take some of the load off of Beckett. They still seem to feed all night long. Won't be long before Beckett won't want to be in with them for more than a quick feeding.
12/19   The new way to feed   All attached   It looks like every pup had a nipple but no idea how they found them. Quite the pile up. In my lap   Ms Yellow  
12/20   4 weeks old today. Purple playing   More Purple playing   They are getting cereal, goat milk,some canned food mixed in morning and evening.
4 week Weights ...
Pink .........6 lb 3oz
Orange .....4 lb 12oz
Purple ......5 lb 6oz
Green .......6 lb 2oz
Yellow ......4 lb 10oz
Teal ......... 5 lb 6oz
Black .......5 lb 14oz
Multi .......6 lb 1oz
12/21   Another new way to feed   All excited to see Jim   The pups have started to play with toys and also biting each others tail and ears. toy time  
12/23   The pups got softened kibble today for breakfast and the evening feeding. It was a hit, the small soft kibble didn't bother them a bit. Tomorrow we'll add another feeding. The schedule is 9am, 3pm and 9pm. Ms Teal is the loudest pup demanding food. She comes back for seconds too. Mr Black does a good job and so does the Ms Yellow. Chowing down  
12/24   I tried an experiment with the puppy food. I didn't add the goat milk and cereal to this batch of food and it was a not well received, half of them turned up their noses and refused to eat it. So back upstairs and add goat milk and cereal back in. does the Ms Yellow. Playing   Chewing   Playing II  
12/25   Merry Christmas and the pups have some visitors to play with. They are starting to know their names (color collar) and come when they see my hands. Orange and Teal   Pink playing   Mr Black   Lap dogs   More lap dogs   Special attention  
12/27   5 weeks old today!! Mr Green has taken over the heaviest pup title from Ms Pink. They are all growing quickly.
5 week Weights ...
Pink .........8 lb 4oz
Orange .....6 lb 12oz
Purple ......7 lb 14oz
Green .......9 lb 0oz
Yellow ......6 lb 80oz
Teal .........7 lb 10oz
Black .......8 lb 3oz
Multi .......8 lb 3oz
12/27   My daughter and Granddaughter are here to play with the pups The pups know their names and will turn their heads when I call them. They are also starting to pant when they get warm. Katie with Ms Pink  
12/28   The pups have been turning up their noses at the goat milk, cereal and kibble mix lately. I think I figured out why, seems I cleaned out Walmart of canned goat milk so also bought the bag of powdered goat milk. Seems that most of the crew knows the difference between canned and powdered goat milk. I switched back to the canned and everyone was much happier. Who would have guessed they had such discriminating taste.
12/31   Visitors are gone and I've been getting the main potty area setup. We've had a few deposits in the new area. Too cold to have the pups outside for a bit. We have a couple of inches on the ground but gray and cold. Sounds like next week there should be a few days in the upper 20s. Looks like only Teal and Green were awake this afternoon. Hard to get good movies of the pups when they want to be on my lap or chest and still try to get some pictures. Beckett is winding down with feeding the pups. She is letting them nurse 3x per day, morning, afternoon and topping them off at night. Green and Teal   Teal   Green  
01/01   Happy New Year! Still too cold for the pups to go outside. Teal and Yellow   The crew   The crew II   The crew III   The crew IV   The crew V  
01/03   A warmer sunny day with little wind, so out the pups went. Yellow playing   Outside   Inside  
01/05   No going outside today, 50mph winds snow and cold. Looks like the weekend should be a little warmer. playing   Orange   Pink   Pink   Yellow   Green and Teal   New Hanging toys   so hopefully cut down on the fighting. We'll see how long it holds up to the tugging.
01/08   No going outside today again. Below zero wind chills Learning to sit   for a treat.
01/10   7 Weeks old today and trip to the vet for shots and chips this afternoon. Hungry Hungry Hippos   waking up this morning. All the pups were did great at the vet and are doing great after their shots and chipping.
7 week Weights ...
Pink .........12.8lb
Orange .....10.9 lb
Purple ......12.2lb
Green .......14.3lb
Yellow ......10.8lb
Teal .........13.8lb
Black .......13.6lb
Multi .......12.6lb
01/11   Finally a sunny, warmer day to have the pups run in the snow. We might be able to go outside tomorrow too. Outside I   Outside II   Outside III   Outside IV   Outside V   Outside VI  
01/12   An even warmer morning to have the pups outside. Outside I   Outside II   Outside III   All worn out   Outside but  not as warm and a lot of snow has melted. The pups weren't out long.
01/13   Playing I   Playing II   Playing III   Geese Flying past   and the pups noticed the noise but didn't look up high enough to see them.
01/16   Outside   in the snow. Finally a bit warmer so they can go outside. Mr Green   and his new family. His new name is Theodore Bear, Ted for short. Mr Black   and his new family. His new name is Mousse.
01/17   8 weeks today and things are quieter with two puppies placed. Head shots and stacks   The pups love to go outside and when I open the gate to their pen they run to the dog door and go through it. When outside they go in and out freely, not sure if they are going in to warm up or just like going in/out. Pink out the door   Outside I   Outside II   Watching   the big dogs take a snow bath. Outside III  
01/18   Mostly sunny and almost 30 outside. The pups went out twice today to play. Tomorrow isn't going to be very warm so they may not go out at all. Playing   Outside I   Purple  and the ball.
01/19   Decided to give the pups some bones so they can chew on something other than each other. Bones  
01/20   Mr Purple is going to his new home, his new name is Magnus. Mr Purple  
01/21   Outside for a little while, cold and windy again. Outside   Outside II  
01/22   Ms Orange is going home with her new family. She will be called Mayhem, Mazie for short. Ms Orange  
01/23   More snow and cold, but low winds. The pups had a blast playing. Playing   Playing II  
01/30   Fresh snow to make tracks in. Playing   Playing II  
01/31   10 weeks old today. Ms Multi I   Ms Multi II  
02/02   Cold again, but the sun helps. Playing  
02/24   More snow to play in more Playing   Ms Multi  
02/26   Ms Yellow is now Caffe' and is with her forever home. Ms Yellow