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All puppies from this litter are sold, hope you enjoy the pictures and movies.

Kali was bred on July 16 to Liberty's Broad Ridge (Brody) . Brody head shot. Puppies are due September 14, 2005. Click Here to view the puppy sales contract.

08/12  Great News, the vet confirmed that Kali is pregnant!
09/01  Kali at 7 weeks, 2 more weeks to go. She is definitely pregnant!  
09/09  Kali at 8 weeks, 1 more week to go.  
09/13 noon   Kali is in labor and I'm expecting puppies late this afternnon into evening. I can pickup 10 heartbeats with the doppler so I'll have to wait until they are born to see how many there really are.  
09/14 5am   The babies have arrived. It was a rough delivery for Kali needing several drugs to keep the pups coming. Thank goodness a C-section was not necessary. There are 9 in all, 2 females and 7 males. Everyone is doing great.  
09/15   Last nights picture. I finally have a movie that is light enough to see the pups moving. This morningspicture. Everyone is doing great and gaining weight. Dew claws were removed yesterday. The green boy seems to have a zipper(hair cowlic between the eyes) like his mom. A couple of other ones have a faint line and we'll see if that becomes more noticeable when more hair comes in. I had to shave Kali's sides so the doppler could find the hear rates, the poor girl has some major stubbles.  
09/16   Morning picture and a new movie. Everyone is gaining. Yellow girl is .2 ounces away from a pound, she the only one that hasn't hit the 1 lb mark. Kali continues to be the attentive mom. You can see that they have grown and their bodies are more rounded and they are getting little tummies.  
09/17   Getting very crowded for dinner.  
09/18   Purple, Brown and White are the biggest boys, 1lb 10oz. Another day or two and they will be 2 lbs easily. The girls are 1lb 8oz and 1lb 6 oz so they aren't very far behind the big guys. After dinner head rest while the others are still eating eating.  
09/19   Time for a bigger pool. It was getting too crowded when Kali was trying to feed them. New Pool Yellow girl passed out.  
09/20   One week old today. In this movie the pups can smell mom and are trying to find her   Feeding frenzy  
09/22   The pups eat in shifts as there is hardly enough room for everyone to fit. Tight fit  
09/23   The pups are starting to get up on their hind legs a little when moving. I will try to get a movie of it tomorrow. I thought this was cute   Got Milk?   The purple boy is now the biggest at 2lb 9 oz, green is 2lb 8oz, Pink girl and white boy are 2lb 7oz. Blue is 2lb 6oz, Brown 2lb 5 oz, Black 2lb 4oz, Red 2lb 2oz, Yellow girl is 2lb 1oz.
09/24   Movie showing a couple using more of their rear legs for   movement.     Group shot
09/26   Blue, purple and white boys are now over 3 lbs. They are starting to mouth other pups, eyes are still closed.   movement.     Group shot
09/27   Two weeks old today. The brown boy has a tiny slit of his eyes open, the rest of the pups don't have any open sections. Red boy mouthing mom.     Dance line
09/28   The pups are starting to interact with me. They like to mouth my hands, legs feet,etc... mouthing me.    
09/29   Not sure why eveyrone was crying, Kali and I left their area, seems like one pup started it and they all joined in. Brown's eyes are almost fully open, not sure if he can see me yet. Pink girl's eyes are just starting, the rest are somewhat open. Red boy started it     All joined in.
09/30   I've started supplementing the pups as they always seem to be hungry. They last about an hour between feedings and Kali is with them all the time. Purple and Blue hit 4lbs today. Feeding time    That's a big pile of pups Another view.
10/02   The pictures were taken after the feeding this morning. Everyone wanted more, some were licking my legs. They may look a little crusty as the oatmeal baby cereal gets everywhere. Everyone's eyes are pretty much open and seeing things. They can hear now and will look around when I make a strange noise. White and Brown playing   while the rest where whining for more food. We want more food   Hanging with me
10/04   3 weeks today and the Brown boy has some teeth coming in. He seems to be the furthest along and was also the first to have the eyes open.Everyone is over 4lbs now, the Yellow girl is the smallest. I enlarged their pen The pups in their original pool   while I expanded their new area. Not much room left in that pool. New area  
10/05   This movie was taken after a feeding. Pink girl was hoping to find more food. Everyone sticks close to me licking my clothes and hoping for more food  
10/07   Jennifer was down today to play with the pups and help with a photo shoot. Here are the head shots head shots   of each pup.
10/09   The pups are starting to walk better   All crashed out .
10/10   Kali is getting tired of being with the pups and their teeth are really starting to hurt when they chew on me. Blue and Brown playing   Yellow sleeping most of the others playing between my feet .
10/11   4 weeks old and first day exploring outside. Overall they did well and not much fussing. First wave   coming out the door. Second wave  Exploring   Exploring 2  Green and Yellow  Dinner outside  Pink in the grass She was the only one to make it off the patio. Coming in 
10/13   Another nice day outside. Coming out the door.   Discovering a dandelion    
10/15   Outside again. They are getting more comfortable and discovering more of the area. Helping mom drink.   Water dish.   Running around.   Playing.  
10/16   Kali found a new way to feed the pups by lying on her back back   so everyone could find food. Later the pups ate some baby cereal, goat milk and canned dog food from dishes.   It didn't take them long to figure out how to lap up the food. In another week they will get some softened dry food. Playing   The water dish is fun.   Red boy   sleeping with mom. Playing outside   is hard work.
10/17   Outside again, going further away   from mom and the door. Learning how to use the the water bottle.   Green boy in the Garfield bed.  
10/18   5 weeks today. Playing on a small cot   Playing outside is hard work.  
10/19   More movies outside   and playing with toys.  
10/20   The pups were not impressed with frosty grass this morning and stayed on the patio. At least they weren't grazing on the grass until after lunch. They won't be happy if it rains all weekend as they are predicting. Purple playing with kitty    
10/22   I brought out the tunnel for the pups to play in. Kali likes to run through it too. In the tunnel   Puppy pile-up    
10/23   Jennifer came down and we got some head and stack shots of the pups. Thanks Jennifer! Heads   Stacks    
10/24   The pups got their first bones to chew on today. Everyone had a good time. Chewing   Yellow girl  took her bone under the deck and away from everyone else.  
10/25   6 weeks old today. The pups are doing well on the softened dry food and still eat from Kali 4-5 times a day or when they can catch her. Everyone has gained 2 lbs since last week. I'm not allowing them to free feed because many of the pups would be gaining way too much weight. The Yellow girl is one of the few pups that actually tastes or chews her food, the rest inhale it and then burp loudly. Yellow and Black are under 10 lbs, the rest are over 10. In the tunnel   Yellow playing   Green and Purple  
10/27   A nice warm day outside and the pups were enjoying it. Tug of war   Brown playing  
10/29   My website was shut down today because I've exceeded the monthly download quota of 5GB. Guess the movies have been very popular. I'll do pictures until Nov 1 when the new quota begins. It was a wonderful day outside, the pups have several visitors and were very tired in the afternoon. I gave everyone some bully sticks so they had something else to chew on besides grass Chewing with mom   Green boy hoarding his leaf.  
10/31   Everyone went to the vet for a check-up and shots today. No one even flinched when they got the shot. All were healthy. The only problem found was with Brown boy, one testicle has not descended yet. The pups were pretty worn out after the big outing. They must have recovered while I was running an errand. When I got back and went down the steps I saw that most of the pups were running around loose. I herded them outside and then heard some wimpering behind me on the steps. I looked up and Blue boy was on the second step from the top and not too sure about how to get down. I don't know how he got there as Kali and I had just gone down the steps and would have seen him. The only thing I can figure out is that he was upstairs in another room when I got home. They couldn't have been loose too long as the basement wasn't too messy. Party animals eating   Party animals outside  
11/01   7 weeks old today. I had to get more rawhide for the pups as they were starting to chew on the landscape rocks. Brown boy is the biggest pup at 13lb 5oz, Blue and Purple are 12lb 15oz,Red is 12lb 10 oz, White is 12lb even, Green is 11lb 15oz, Yellow and Pink are 11lb 14oz, Black is the smallest at 11lb 9oz. Chasing down a chew   The chews  must be very good as everyone is whining while they chew.
11/02   A beautiful day outside (60s) and some new toys from Fleet Farm. If I had known they would like the stuffed dog so much I would have gotten several more. Yellow on the run   with the new toy. The boys can't catch her Tug of war   More tugging   Any guesses on how long the stuffed dog will be in one piece. Black boy resting  
11/03   Another nice day. Kali running from  the pups. White boy   Red boy  
11/04   Another nice day. Head shots   Stacks   White boy   with his new family. More puppies leave tomorrow.
11/05   A big day for the pups, another 4 left for their new homes. Yellow girl and her family. Her new name is Morgan.   Purple boy  and his new family. His new name is Doc.  Brown boy  and his new family.  Black boy ready  to get on a plane to meet the rest of his new family.
11/08   Pink girl and Blue boy will be staying here with me and I'm hoping for some big wins in the show ring. Green boy is looking for a new home.   Red boy  also needs a new home.
11/10   The big winds yesterday blew away the tunnel. That must have been quite the site as it was flying out of the puppy pen. I've driven around the neighborhood and no site of it so far. Good thing I had another one in the garage. The water dish froze last night and the Ice was a new toy.   Red boy   with ice. Morgan (Yellow girl) at home enjoying a chew her new dog bed  
11/14   I put food in the cube and the pups had a great time trying to figure out how to get the food out. Mom was observing and ready to snarf any stray bits of food that came near her. Don't think she got much as the pups were all over...  Cube   Everyone was trying to chew on the stick at the same time until Kali moved with it. I caught her just as she was moving   White boy is now called Brownie. Here he is with the youngest  and oldest  members of the family.
11/17   Winter has hit!! The pups haven't been outside much the past couple of days. Between freezing rain, hurricane-like winds and snow they haven't been wanting to go outside for more than 2 minutes. Yesterday was the first day they could play outside and slide around on the ice. No more digging in the dirt, now they eat ice and snow chunks. Playing and sliding   Green boy   jumping up on my arm.   Doc (Purple boy) hiding in the leaves  and enjoying a chew  
11/21   I took the puppy pen down yesterday and the pups are now in crates in the living room when they are sleeping. They are having a good time exploring upstairs and have been doing surprisingly well with housebreaking. 4 pups is a lot of bodies to watch at a time!!! On the dog bed   Playing upstairs  
11/29   11 weeks today and time for the second set of shots. Red is now 22lbs, the rest are 20lbs. They do like to chew raw hides. Chewing   Chewing II   Morgan (Yellow girl) and her new friend  
12/11   A new toy from Fleet Farm and I only got one shot that wasn't blurry. The pups were moving too fast for the camera. On the left is the blur of Red by moving in to steal the toy. Green boy   with the new toy. Doc (Purple boy) in the snow,   Doc looking out.  
12/16   The Red boy has a new home in the Chicago area.
12/20   Pictures of Brownie (White boy) before Christmas. Brownie   and his sister in the snow. Brownie   on the baby pillow. Resting his head  
01/21   Marshall (Green boy), Terra (Pink Girl) and Bosco (Blue boy) better known as Triple Trouble   waiting to come inside and the only way to get a picture of them all together.
02/04   New pictures of Doc (Purple boy) Snow 1   Snow 2   Head shot  
02/13   New pictures of Morgan (Yellow girl) Head shot 1   Head shot 2 
03/13   6 months old today and some new pictures of the pups. Brownie (White boy)   Brownie and his good friend   Doc (Purple boy)  Doc sitting   Triple trouble  Marshall (background), Bosco and Terra   Bosco(Blue boy), Terra(Pink girl) and Marshall(Green boy) 
03/28   Marshall(Green boy) has a new home and two girls to play with!! Marshall's new family    
04/21   Pictures of Brew (Brown boy) Brew and his buddy Nitro   Do I have to?   Catching his breath   Ready to play    
July   Pictures of Doc (Purple boy) Doc in the pool   Doc and friend at the dog beach   Doc in the pool  
09/13   The pups are now 1 year old. Kali, Bosco & Terra  
Pictures of Brownie (White boy) Brownie & Aspen   Brownie & Apsen ready to go   Brownie and Linus   Brownie and Linus    
Pictures of Doc (Purple boy) Doc with his party hat   There goes the hat   Doc with a toy  
Pictures of Morgan (Yellow girl) Morgan in Jail   Check me out pose   Unsure about the cat!  
2/2008   Marshall (Green boy) and his family Marshall  
11/2008   Brownie(White boy) and new addition to the family Brownie I   Brownie II  
11/2008   Doc (Purple boy) Doc  
12/2008   Doc (Purple boy) Doc