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All the puppies in this litter are sold.
Ellie was bred to Joey . Both Ellie and Joey are AKC Champions. Joey is working on his Junior Hunter and has OFA hips and elbows and is Optigen clear. Puppies are due January 10th and ready to go home around the 10th of March. I should know if she is pregnant on Dec 10th.
12/06  Great News, the vet confirmed that Ellie is pregnant!
12/29  Ellie at 7 weeks 2 days, 2 more weeks to go. She is definitely pregnant!  
01/03  Ellie at 8 weeks, less than a week to go.  
01/07  Sunday am, all quiet. The Whelp-wise equipment arrived yesterday so we are ready to go. Ellie looks a bit strange as she had to have her sides shaved so the doppler can hear the hearbeats. I didn't realize how thick her coat is and the clipper stopped working so I resorted to a scissors and razor. You can tell I'm not a hairdresser as the amount of hair missing on each side isn't the same. Now she has some black dots on each side to mark where I heard heartbeats. I found 5 on one side and 4 on the other. I need to spend more time this afternoon listening to confirm what I heard. They were very active last night.  
01/08  Monday am, all quiet.  
01/09  Tuesday am, Ellie is in labor and expect puppies soon.  
01/09  Tuesday pm, it's all over. Ellie barely let me get dressed this am before the first puppy was born. She was in labor since 7pm last night and I didn't think she was ready at 9:30 this morning. She had 8 pups in 2.5 hrs. My girlfriend from the Cities quickly drove down to help. She arrived just after the first one was born. Ellie didn't even let her get her whelping clothes on before the next one arrived. There are 5 girls, and 3 boys. Everyone is doing great. The extra heartbeat on the doppler was probably one that I found on both the sides. Here are some pictures and a movie. Picture 1  Movie  Picture 2   Picture 3   Picture 4
01/10  Pups went in for dew claws today and did well. Everyone has put on at least 1 oz since birth. Ellie is a being a good mom and takes good care of her babies. Todays pictures Picture 1  Picture 2 
01/11  More movies and a picture.Pups are doing well and gaining well too. You can tell how much wider their boies are since they were born and that's only been 2 days. Here's the chart for who's who and their weights. List is also in birth order.
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Blue  Boy  13.5  1lb 1.5 oz 
Yellow  Girl  13.7  1lb 1.2 oz 
White  Girl  13.8  1lb 0.5 oz 
Green  Boy  11.3  15.0oz 
Purple  Girl  12.6  15.5 oz 
Black  Girl  13.7  1lb 1.3oz 
Red  Boy  13.3  1lb 0.8oz 
Brown  Girl  12.0  15.4 
The brown girl and red boy are going to be hard to tell apart, as the colors are not too far apart and pictures may not capture the tone properly.
Today's pictures Picture 1  Chowing down  and once the milk runs out they move to their neighbors nipple looking for more. Moving around 
01/12  The camera operator was asleep on the job so here are the days pictures a little late. All the pups are over 1lb 1oz now. Picture   Movie 
01/13  All of the pups are over 1lb 3oz today. Biggest pup was Blue boy at 1lb 6oz. They do like to eat. Top View   
01/15  Everyone doing well. Movie   Picture   Brown girl   with her nose in the rolled up towel.  
01/16  1 week today. Picture   I've had to change out or expand the rick rack on most of the puppies. Blue boy is the biggest at 1lb 14.9oz, Red boy is only .2 oz behind him. The smallest is still the Green boy at 1lb 9.5 oz. Everyone has more than doubled their birth weight. It won't be long before the big pool will have to brought upstairs. Getting Crowded   Last night was the first night off the chair/floor and back in my bed. The pups were a bit fussy at 4am and as I was trying to get everyone a nipple, the blue boy slithered his way from below and came up between two pups that were latched on and just pushed one of them aside. The first thing that came to mind was a shark moving in for the kill. Maybe I need more sleep....
01/17  Glamour Shots   of a different kind
01/18  Pile of pups   Yesterday the Green boy was not feeling well, he spiked a fever and was very listless. He is now on antibiotics and feeling somewhat better. The fever is still there but he is nursing and has not lost any weight. It may take until noon today or even this evening to have the temp go down. If it is a viral infection, that usually runs its course in 3-4 days. The main thing is that he is still eating on his own and I think he rather likes that he gets the rear teat everytime which produces the most milk. The rest of the pups are growing like weeds.
The pups are now starting to get up on their legs a bit more. I've also noticed that their eyes don't seem to be closed quite so tightly. No eye lids starting to open yet. They do put their heads above the edge of the poor and sort of sniff around. It's about time for a bigger pool.
01/20 10pm Red boy   watching TV. Too bad his eyes aren't open yet, but it looked like he was watching. Green boy finally had a normal temp at 10pm tonight. He's eating well and seems to feel almost back to normal. It took about 36 hrs to have the temp go back to normal. I think we're out of the woods.
01/21  The crew  About time for a new pool. Green boy is back to normal, yeah!! And he put on a couple of ounces yesterday even with fighting a fever. The pups are up on their legs even more and putting their heads up on the edge of the pool and sniffing the surroundings. Moving around more movement 
01/22  Playing  The pups are starting to play with each other, even with their eyes still closed. They are now in the big pool with a lot more room. More room  Got Milk? 
01/23  Two weeks today. Still nothing showing that the eyes will be opening soon, not even the smallest slit is showing on any of the pups. They are getting pretty good walking on their legs for a few steps anyway. You can tell from the weights below that they have been eating well.
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Blue  Boy  13.5  3lb 1.5 oz 
Yellow  Girl  13.7  2lb 14.4 oz 
White  Girl  13.8  3lb 1.0 oz 
Green  Boy  11.3  2 lb 10.1 oz 
Purple  Girl  12.6  2 lb 15.4 oz 
Black  Girl  13.7  3lb 3.2 oz 
Red  Boy  13.3  3lb 3.0 oz 
Brown  Girl  12.0  2lb 13.2oz  
The black girl is the biggest by .2 ounces. Smallest is still green boy, but only by 3 ounces. Not bad since he had been under the weather for a few days.
01/24  Movie Day, still no signs of the eyes opening up. Movie 1  Movie 2  Movie 3 
01/25  More movies. The pups were wormed today and the meds seems to have made them a bit whiney. Still nothing happening with their eyes opening up. Blue boy barking  Swarm of pups  More whiney  pups
01/26  4 pups have their eyes open!! It's like they opened up over night as they were not open last night. Blue boy's eyes are opened the widest, followed by Brown girl, Black girl and Red boy. The rest must be waiting until tomorrow I guess. Very crowded  Movie 1  Movie 2  Movie 3  pups
01/28  All the pups have their eyes open! Green Boy and Yellow Girl's eyes are less wide open than the others. They can hear loud noises on the TV or the vacuum cleaner. Another Glamour shot. It took 10 tries to get a decent picture of the White girl - and the decent one had her tongue out and eye closed. They had just gotten done eating and some were too tired to look at the camera. Glamour Shot II 
01/29  The pups have a new setup down the basement that will expand when they need more room. I'm back at work mornings which is a bummer. Picture 1  Picture 2 
01/30  Three weeks today. I can feel some bumps in their mouths where teeth will soon be popping up. Eyes are fully open and they are using them. When I sit with them in their pen, they climb on my lap or sit next to my leg and fall asleep. Black girl, Red boy and Blue boy are still tenths of an ounce apart at 4lbs 8oz. Green boy is still the smallest and should be hitting the 4lb mark in a couple of days.
01/31  Time for a little goats milk and baby cereal. They all did really well. White girl was the first to try it. White girl   lapping up the cereal. Clean dish club  Messy face  Yellow girl with a messy face. Contented crusty  pups.
02/01  Lots of firsts on the first of Feb. There are teeth coming through the gums. Nothing that will hurt yet, but they are on the way. I felt them first on Blue boy last night and then checked the others and they are all cutting teeth. I also noticed that their eyes have already started to turn brown. It seems a little early but that's fine with me. Everyone is over 4lbs. Red boy is out in the lead at 4lb 14oz, then black girl at 4lb 11oz. Red boy has dropped to third place at 4lb 8oz, same as White girl. Baby cereal two times today, tomorrow it will be 3xday. Playing   Rug Rats  Rug Rats escaped  Swarming me  Snoozing on me  
02/03  The teeth are getting more noticable and they have eating the cereal out of the dish down pat now. Lots of movies. Red boy & duck   White with an itch   Green boy trying to escape.   Black girl & duck   Blue & Red   Yellow & Purple playing   Black girl & mom   Red boy & duck   Red boy & duck   Red boy   White about to crash   White crashed  
02/04  Staying warm as it's below zero as a high!! noticable and they have eating the cereal out of the dish down pat now. Lots of movies. Pile of pups eating  
02/06  4 weeks today. I usually take the pups outside to play now, but will have to wait until next week so maybe the temps will be close to 32. Purple girl lost her rick rack over night and when I came home at lunch, yellow girl had lost hers. Time to move over to some small collars. The pups must be playing with them. Singing for lunch   Playing  
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Blue  Boy  13.5  5lb 14oz 
Yellow  Girl  13.7  5lb 7oz 
White  Girl  13.8  5lb 14oz 
Green  Boy  11.3  5lb 4oz 
Purple  Girl  12.6  5lb 10oz 
Black  Girl  13.7  5lb 13oz 
Red  Boy  13.3  6lb 3oz 
Brown  Girl  12.0  5lb 8oz  
02/07  The pups love to sleep in Garfield the cat bed or even just around it. White girl   snoozing
02/09  More movies. The pups are getting very steady on their feet. Mom   doing dishes. I lost track of who I had fed tonight and someone got an extra meal. I think it may have been the Purple girl as she didn't play at all after and just crashed  in Garfield. Red digging  in Garfield while Brown pulls at the camera strap. Playing  Working on show laces  Red playing  Red again  Unsure of new toy  Black playing  Green playing 
02/12  Two experiments, I gave the pups some small bones and they wanted nothing to do with them. Chewing on their litter mates must taste better. I also added a litter box for them. I think yellow girl figured it out, not sure about the others. Bones   Litter box  Purple girl is   queen of the hill.
02/13  5 weeks today. Everyone gained about 2 lbs this past week. I will start softened puppy food in the next day. Ellie isn't wanting to be with them that much anymore. I think the teeth are getting to her. Blue  playing Green  playing
02/14  Several firsts today. The pups were started on softened puppy food. Brown and Purple didn't appreciate the change and would only eat it with some old food over the top. The rest chowed down. The pups also went outside for the first time. It is still pretty cold, but the sun was out.. They didn't seem to care. New way to eat   Outside  
02/16  Finally some warmer weather and the pups were outside for a few more minutes. They do go outside after eating to do their business, yeah! It's still pretty cold for them to be outside for very long. Outside    
02/17  This time I brought home the right kind of bones. The pups were very quiet, no biting each other for a change. a few more minutes. New Bones  
02/19  Finally, a 40 degree day! The pups had a good time outside. In the dog house   More playing   Dog House   Snake Tug-of-war  
02/20  6 weeks today. The pups love going outside and playing. They are doing a good job of going potty outside. Ellie still feeds them 3 - 4 times a day for a few mintues.
Color  Sex  Todays Wt 
Blue  Boy  10lb 3oz 
Yellow  Girl  9lb 14oz 
White  Girl  9lb 8oz 
Green  Boy  9lb 6oz 
Purple  Girl  10lb 3oz 
Black  Girl  9lb 14oz 
Red  Boy  10lb 3oz 
Brown  Girl  9lb 7oz  
02/21  Another beautiful day and the snow is melting fast. Running the fence line
02/22  Nice day to play outside. Playing 1  Playing 2  Playing 31  Blue boy 
02/25  The big blizzard has hit. The pups prefer the snow to yesterday's freezing rain. There is over a foot out back and that's just in the low spots. It's going to be a while before this stuff melts! Making a trail  Venturing out  Business in the snow   Snow Trek I  Snow Trek II 
02/27  7 weeks today. The pups had their vet check and shots yesterday. Everyone got a clean bill of health. They did well during the exam and didn't make a sound when they got their shot. The trip is the car with 4 pups per crate was a bit noisey when we first started out. The weights for the pups are very even, only .6 lb difference between the biggest and smallest pups.
Color  Sex  Todays Wt 
Blue  Boy  11.8 lb  
Yellow  Girl  11.6 lb 
White  Girl  11.4 lb  
Green  Boy  11.2 lb 
Purple  Girl  11.8 lb  
Black  Girl  11.6 lb 
Red  Boy  11.6 lb  
Brown  Girl  11.2 lb  
03/01  Busy week, the pups had their eye check yesterday, everyone came back clear/normal. Another blizzard on the way. Running   Hiding in the box   Licking the snow off his brother    
03/02  Still snowing. The snow is now at the same level as the sill of the patio door and there is a big drift all along the fence line. When they get behind the drift all I can see are the tips of their tails. Behind the drift   Breaking thru the drift   Enjoying the snow    
03/03  Final Head shots   and Stacks   Ellie and the pups   Ellie likes to visit the pups to check out their bones and chews. Chewing with mom   Wanting to steal the bone  
03/05  Cold but sunny day. I had to take this one through the door as I thought moving the door would make them move. They didn't want to come in and were quite comfortable all hunkered down on the bed. All Cozy   King of the box  
03/07  Another cold but sunny day. The snow is starting to soften a little in the sun. Red boy got me this morning, double breakfast and I didn't even know it until he finished his second bowl. They got my glove and I'm not sure it's going to be the same. Glove 1  Glove 2  Purple girl watching the chaos  
03/08  No pictures today, but a picture of the look on my face when I found 4 puppies wandering around the kitchen would have been priceless. I carried 2 puppies downstairs and one came down the stairs by himself. The Blue boy stayed at the top of the stairs. The other pups were wandering around downstairs. A few piles of poop on the tile or tarp and they had also gotten into an old sticky mousetrap. Yellow and Purple girl had pieces of the trap on their sides one on the ear. A few plants in the extra bedroom had been well trimmed. The Red boy had the most of the sticky stuff on his legs and chest. They were very tired when I got them corraled. They must have pushed on the pen and tipped an end up enough to be able to push through. They are now double locked in!! The sticky mouse trap residue was the hardest to remove. I tried alcohol and that did nothing. Then I tried some butter and that took the stickiness away so the stuff could be combed or pulled off. Hot Buttered Pups.  
03/09  The pups are starting to leave for their new families. Green boy is in his new home, he will hopefully be trained for Search and Rescue, Jr. Handling and Obedience. I forgot to take the picture with his new family. Still working on a picture.
The Blue boy is now called Bumper   and makes his home in WI.
03/10  The rest of the pups left today. The Yellow girl flew to the Seattle area where she will be a show girl, family pet and Therapy dog. Cocoa Bear  at the airport with her new Dad. Cocoa Bear with a picture from her home  
The Brown girl is now the playmate for two little girls and is called Ginger  
The Purple girl has a toddler to play with and is called Daisy  
03/11  The Black girl and the White girl will be staying here at Karamar. I couldn't make a decision on which one to keep, so I kept them both. I hope they will be following in their grandmother's and mother's footsteps and also become Champions. The Black girl is Karamar Cocoa Cabana (Lola) and White girl is Karamar Reese's PB No J (Reese). The Red boy needed a name too, so he is now Rascal. Lola, Rascal (Red boy) and Reese   Rascal (Red Boy)  
03/30  The Red boy is now sold. Rascal (Red Boy)  and his new owner  
04/30  The month of April was a blur... Two grandbabies born 4 days apart and 5,000 miles put on the van . Both Lola and Reese went with me and now like riding in the car. The pups had their first swim in the lake the end of April. The water as pretty cold but didn't seem to bother any of the dogs. Swimming
05/06  I thought I'd take pictures of the girls through the patio door, but could not get both of them looking at me at the same time. I usually got a picture like this   instead of like this one The longer I took pictures the more slime on the door...
06/13  Picture of Daisy (Purple girl)  
09/10  Picture of Cocoa Bear (Yellow girl)