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All the puppies in this litter are sold.
Ellie was bred to CH Woodhull's Roger That . Both Ellie and Roger have OFA hips/elbows, Cerf eyes, heart clearances. Puppies are due July 11, 2008 and will be ready for their new homes the first week of September. I will know if she is pregnant on June 6th.
6/06  Great News, the vet confirmed that Ellie is pregnant!
6/27  Ellie at 7 weeks, 2 more weeks to go. She seems to be about the same size as last time.  
7/04  Happy 4th of July. Ellie is at the cabin cooling off in the lake. She is getting uncomfortable and takes more naps. Ellie at 8 weeks with grandson Tim, only 5 or 6 days to go. I'm thinking she looks bigger this time, we'll see how many she has. this time.  
7/10 8am  I thought Ellie would be a new mama by today, but there's nothing happening so far. Last time the pups arrived a day early. The Whelp-wise equipment has arrived and I've found 5 pups on one side and 4 on the other.  
7/10 11pm  Ellie is in the beginning stages of labor.  
7/11   Ellie's puppies have arrived!! 6 pups, 3 boys, 3 girls. Everyone is doing great. Its' been a long night that wound up in a c-section around noon today because one pup's heart rate was showing signs of stress and the delivery was not happening as quickly as it needed to be. Presenting the babies  Ellie is still a bit groggy from the anesthesia. I will be weighing and getting their rick rack on this evening.
7/11 evening   Everyone has now been rick-racked and are nursing well. Nursing movie  Close up
7/12 evening   The pups have all gained over an ounce in less than 24hrs. Ellie is starting to feel better and I even got a picture of her awake. Ellie is being a good mom and does not want to leave the pool with the pups for more than a few minutes. The pups are all very close to the same very dark chocolate color. The black male and the pink girl have zippers. That is a cowlic that goes up the middle of the bridge of the nose to the eyes. Time will tell how noticeable they will be later in life. Ellie smiling  Pile of pups
7/13 evening   The pups have all gained almost 2 ounces since yesterday- their bodies are filling out nicely. Ellie is feeling a lot better and seems to have a spring in her step. She is starting to leave the pups at times. Here are some head shots of the girls and the boys. The zippers don't show up very well and it was impossible to get all 3 in the group to be facing toward the camera. Girls   Pink, bottom left; Yellow, bottom right; White, top Boys   Black, bottom left; Green, bottom right; Brown, top
7/14   The pups have all gained 3 to 4 ounces today. They do love to eat!! Eating  again. Top view  
7/15   I was actually awake this morning, so it's movie day. Chilling  while I change the bedding on the big pool. Pink on the move.   Eating   Eating view II  
7/16   Sleeping Angels   Brown boy  trying to scam the Big Pink girl's nipple. Don't feel too sorry for him, he had yesterday's biggest weight gain and Pink is not going to give it up.  
7/17   A busy 24hrs as my niece and her 3 boys stopped in to see the puppies. They will be taking home one of the females in this litter. The boys didn't want to leave and offered to stay and help. Colin and Black boy   Brandon and Pink girl   The girls from left to right; white, yellow, pink.   The boys from left to right; black, brown, green. Getting crowded
7/18   1 week old today. Everyone is doing great. Biggest pup is Green boy at 2lb 1oz, Pink is 2lb even, Yellow girl, Brown boy and Black boy are 1lb 15oz. Smallest is White girl at 1lb 12oz. Forever eating   Top view  
7/19   The pups were not happy in the holding pen while I changed the big pool. They can get very noisy. Yellow girl and Brown boy got a tummy rub and were happy after that. The White girl reached 2lb 1oz today, quite the gain from yesterday. Fussy pups I   Fussy pups II  
7/20   Everyone is doing great and still putting on the 3-4 oz a day. Mad dash   Found a spot   Eating again.   Timber...   Yellow girl slid off the towel.
7/21   An experiment... Movies of each of the pups while sleeping. They are noisy and twitch a lot. I've noticed that they are starting to get up on their legs a bit more and are holding their heads up too. Brown boy   Yellow girl   Black boy   Pink girl   White girl and Green boy  
7/22   No pictures today, was trying to get a movie of one of the pups up on their legs, but everytime the camera came out they went back to the army crawl. Green was 3lbs even today. There will others hitting 3lbs by tomorrow.
7/23   A better day for movies and pictures. Ellie was snoring   until Pink and Yellow woke her up. Pink  on the move. Proud Mama   Snoozing pups  
7/24   Nothing happening with their eyes yet. They are walking more. They were a bit frantic looking for mom when I woke them up to change their bed. Looking for mom   Eating again  
7/25   Two weeks old today. The pups are walking better and interacting more with me and mom. They lick my arms and mouth my fingers when I hold them. All except Brown and White now have big dog collars on, still trying to find the correct color for them. The rick-rack was getting tight and they seemed big enough to go with the expandable collars. Green and Yellow playing with mom.   Still eating  
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Yellow  Girl  14.2  3lb 9 oz 
Pink  Girl  15.1  3lb 5 oz 
White  Girl  13.0  3lb 3 oz 
Green  Boy  15.6  3lb 9 oz 
Brown  Boy  14.1  3lb 6 oz 
Black  Boy  14.6  3lb 8 oz 
7/26   I think the pups are starting to hear noises, I turned on the vacuum cleaner and 6 heads popped up and they all started to squawk. Their eyes don't seem as tightly closed, but I can't really see any corners that are open either. Everyone got wormed today and will get the meds again at 4 weeks. Crashed  
7/27   Big day for the pups. They are now downstairs in a bigger area that can be expanded when they need more room. I'm no longer sleeping on the couch, yeah!! I do have to get back to work tomorrow and that sucks. All except Black have a small portion of their eyes open. Green boy is the furthest along with one eye 3/4 of the way open. Brown is next with small sections open. I'm sure by tomorrow more will have their eyes open even further. And they can hear noises and voices. I'm enjoying being able to sit with them and have them come up to me and usually falling asleep next to my legs. New area  
7/28   First day back to work went well. When I came home everyone was sleeping. Their eyes are open a bit more, Brown boy's eyes are almost entirely open. Black boy is still the furthest behind. When I hold the pups up and they look directly at me, it usually causes them to start crying. I guess they are not impressed with what they see!! They all come over to me and crawl over my legs. It was a good movie and picture day. White girl   Lap full of pups   Leg full of pups   Brown boy   White girl  chewing my hand. Yellow crying  while nursing, she must not have been getting enough. Yellow  crawling into the camera.
7/29   Eyes are opening up even more today. Black boy can even see. I got some head shots today. White girl   Yellow girl   Pink girl   Brown boy   Black boy   Green boy    
7/30   Everyone is doing great. Pink girl   chewing on my foot. Crashed  while I change their bedding.
7/31   I can feel small bumps in the pup's mouth, the teeth are on the way. The bumps have not broken the skin, but it won't be long. They are mouthing everything they see. Pink girl   had escaped the pen and was on her way back in. Green  playing with mom. Yellow  resting her head on my leg.
8/01   Three weeks old today. The pups had their first cereal and goats milk today. They were ready for it and licked it right up. Clean plate club   Green and Brown (and probably the others) have teeth that are out of the gums and starting to feel sharp. Meal time   Green and Brown playing   White and Pink playing   Green dreaming   Three week weights.
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Yellow  Girl  14.2  4lb 13 oz 
Pink  Girl  15.1  4lb 8 oz 
White  Girl  13.0  4lb 7 oz 
Green  Boy  15.6  5lb 0 oz 
Brown  Boy  14.1  4lb 13 oz 
Black  Boy  14.6  5lb 0 oz 
8/03   Everyone is doing great. Brown boy has the sharpest teeth so far. It won't be long before I will need to wear slippers to protect my toes. New way to feed the pups?   Ellie decided that that position wasn't the best and shortly after that I moved the pups so she could lie down. Pink  with Garfield. White girl  in the wires.
8/05   The humidity has finally left so I took Pink girl out to see how she would like being outside. She was less than impressed so I will wait until 4 weeks and try then. Everyone is doing great. Brown They are also using the newspaper area for a potty area fairly frequently, so that's great. Brown boy   playing with a stuffed toy. He was shaking it and having a great time. Eating  
8/06   More head shots... White girl   Yellow girl   Pink girl   Brown boy   Black boy   Green boy   Another new position   to feed the babies. I didn't think they were tall enough, but they proved me wrong.  
8/07   It's a beautiful day so I took the pups out to explore. They didn't do much exploring, they hung out by the door and cried. In a few more days I'll give it another try. By 5 weeks I'm sure they will be wanting to go outside. By the door   Outside crying   Pink girl   panting and then bumping the camera with her nose. Brown and Green   playing.  
8/08   Four weeks old today and the teeth are sharp!! Moving around   More moving   They are walking pretty well and are starting to jump at each other. Yellow taking a drink   that lead to the front feet in the water and Black boy  
Four week weights.
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Yellow  Girl  14.2  6lb 10 oz 
Pink  Girl  15.1  6lb 5 oz 
White  Girl  13.0  6lb 0 oz 
Green  Boy  15.6  6lb 11 oz 
Brown  Boy  14.1  6lb 12 oz 
Black  Boy  14.6  7lb 0 oz 
8/10   Time to break out the steel-toe shoes and armor, those teeth are very sharp. They are still not interested in going outside which is ok as I'm still hunting the mole(s) that are ripping up the puppy area. Brown & the camera strap   Brown vs Pink & Yellow vs Green   Pink & the camera strap   Green winding down   White winding down  
8/11   Was outside for a few minutes and it seemed to go better, will try again after the rain leaves. No more room  
8/12   The water dish seems to be the gathering spot. I missed the shot of White girl with all four feet in the water. Black & mom   Water dish   Green & the camera strap   Playing  
8/13   The babies were sound asleep this morning when I came down with their breakfast. It didn't take them long to be ready to eat. Waking up   I took them outside at lunch time, they did much better and were exploring more and crying less. It was a little hot for them and they were ready to go back inside. Outside   Outside II    
8/14   A good day outside until the thunder became too loud. Everyone was exploring the grass and having a good time. I bought an agility tunnel that I will bring out in a few more days. In the grass   Yellow stalking  big game in the grass.   More in the grass   More in the grass II   Pink   with her head in the water dish.
8/15   Five weeks old today and the pups got their first taste of dry puppy food. They still expected their baby cereal to be served with the food. They will get used to the moistened dry food in a day or two. They also much prefer cooler days or being outside when the sun isn't on them. Moving around   with most of them trying to stay in the shade. Brown boy   in the dog house.  
Five week weights.
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Yellow  Girl  14.2  8lb 7 oz 
Pink  Girl  15.1  8lb 1 oz 
White  Girl  13.0  7lb 10 oz 
Green  Boy  15.6  8lb 13 oz 
Brown  Boy  14.1  8lb 11 oz 
Black  Boy  14.6  8lb 11 oz 
8/17   The pups love to go outside and are doing most of their business outside too. Late afternoon isn't as well liked with the hot sun out. The moistened dry food isn't on everyone's hit list, White and Pink would prefer the just the baby cereal and milk. Brown and Green wolf anything down. White (minus her collar), and Pink   drinking as Black walks through the water. Pink and Black  tugging on the rope.
I put out the agility tunnel and within minutes the pups were running through it and also chewing on it.. Pink and Green  in the tunnel. Pink, Green and White  in the tunnel.
8/18   Running behind on getting the days pictures posted and now I don't remember the order I took the pictures in. I'm having a hard time telling the picture of Brown and Green...... Black   Brown or Green?   White (all teeth)   Brown or Green?   Pink   Yellow   White inside  
8/19   Tooks some movies outside when the sun was low, it's been too hot for them once the sun reaches that side of the house. I need to tire them out more in the evening as they were up twice last night wanting to potty and play outside. Attacking the raspberries   Stalking in the tunnel   Coming to me   Discovering the faucet   Where did it go?  
8/20   Too hot outside for the pups to stay more than a few minutes. They much prefer early morning and late evening, not so great for pictures. Chilling inside   Playing with water  
8/22   Six weeks old today!! Everyone is doing great. They love to go outside and when it's hot they know "Do you want to go in the house?" and line up at the door. I no longer have to put any of the cereal and goat milk on top of the food. The Pink girl is a bit finicky and still needs a dolop of yogurt on top of hers. The boys wolf their food down in seconds. They also know the feeding routine, I get 3 pups out and the run to the swimming pool, the boys can jump in, the girls have a tougher time jumping in. Running to be fed   Chewing on bones   Really, really crowded  
Six week weights.
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Yellow  Girl  14.2  10lb 11 oz 
Pink  Girl  15.1  10lb 2 oz 
White  Girl  13.0  9lb 9 oz 
Green  Boy  15.6  10lb 14 oz 
Brown  Boy  14.1  11lb 1 oz 
Black  Boy  14.6  10lb 14 oz 
8/23   A beautiful day and the pups had a great time outside. The weather was in the mid 70s and breezy, no hot pups today. I think the 4am outside to potty is going to be a bit chilly, it might not be good for bare feet. Green boy inside   discovering a caterpillar. Playing I   Playing II   Playing III  
8/24   Another beautiful day and several visitors. Playing   Yellow sleeping   Yellow's last pose  
8/25   Another beautiful day but a bit warmer. The pups were starting to pant so I decided to bring out the small pool. Hose and empty pool   Pool I   Pool II   Pool III  
8/26   Another nice day, the pups sure enjoy the cooler weather. several visitors. Playing   Eating raspberries   4-way tug  
8/27   A stormy day and night. We were outside until it started to rain. No one was bothered by the thunder. I gave the pups some bully sticks to keep them from chewing on each other. They did like them Chewing   Chewing II  
8/28   Shots and vet check today. Everyone did well, no whiners when the shot was given. Lots of noise from the crate before they were examined. The White girl was the most tentative on the exam table, the rest were wagging their tails and trying to give kisses (some with teeth). No pictures today as time got away from me and by then it was getting too dark. I thought they would be quiet/sleepy but I think the shots must have had vitamins in them, they were wired last night.
8/29   7 weeks today, will have to weigh them later as I need to find a bigger container to set them in on the scale. It was a tight fit last week... Brown chewing   Black and Pink   trying to steal their bully stick away from mom.
The weights are not exactly accurate, too much pup on a small scale, so I don't think I will be weighing them again.
Color  Sex  Birth Wt  Todays Wt 
Yellow  Girl  14.2  12lb 7 oz 
Pink  Girl  15.1  11lb 8 oz 
White  Girl  13.0  11lb 11 oz 
Green  Boy  15.6  12lb 12 oz 
Brown  Boy  14.1  13lb 0 oz 
Black  Boy  14.6  13lb 0 oz 
8/30   Too hot outside again for the pups until late evening. Maybe playing with the hose would have helped them stay cooler earlier in the day. The girls play with the hose   The boys   help out.
8/31   Warm but breezy, the pups were playing until dark. Tugging   Brown   chewing on the rope.
9/01   You can tell it's going to be a cooker today, already warm and humid early this morning. Tugging   Tugging II   Rumble in the tunnel  
9/03   Great puppy weather, high in the upper 60s. Last free lunch?   I thought Ellie was dried up, but I guess not. Last free lunch II   The pups met grandma Kali.  
9/04   More great puppy weather...Last full day for the litter to be together. Tomorrow is the eye check and two boys will be going to their new homes. Playing   Moving dog bed  
9/05   A big day, eye check this morning(everyone passed) and the pups start leaving this afternoon/evening. Some pictures of the pups stacked and headshots. Black head Black stack   Brown head Brown stack   Green head Green stack   Pink head Pink stack   yellow head Yellow stack   White head White stack   White stack   Brown boy is now Hank   Black Boy and his new family   Green boy is now Chewy   Pink is now Nestle Crunch   White will be staying with me and is now called Mac, short for Caramel Macchiato. Yellow girl is still available.
9/06   Some pictures of Hank (Brown boy) and Kojak(Black boy) at home. Hank   Hank II   Kojak   Kojak II  
9/16   A picture of Nestle(Pink)  
9/26   A weekend at the cabin and Mac(White) and Sunshine (Yellow) first swim in the lake. A little tentative   on the first trip in. Second trip  in and they are loving it. Mac   running in to get me.
10/1   A 4-generation   picture. From left to right, Jasmine (14 3/4), Kali (9/3/4), Mac and Ellie. This was the last picture of Jasmine as she passed 2 weeks later.
10/14   The Yellow Girl   is now with her new family.
10/30   Some pictures of the pups. Chewy (Green boy)   Chewy I   Chewy II   Hank (Brown boy)   Hank I   Hank II   Hank III  
11/02   Some pictures of Kojak (Black boy) Kojak I   Kojak II  
11/07   First snow pictures of Hank (Brown boy) and Mac (White girl) Hank I   Hank II   Hank III   Mac  
12/17   Some pictures of Scout (Yellow Girl) Scout I   Scout II  
01/10   Some pictures of Hank (Brown Boy) at 6 mos Hank I   Hank II   Hank III  
03/15   Some pictures of Chewy and Mac together (Green boy at White girl) at 8 mos Chewy & Mac   Mac stacked   Mac head shot