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All the puppies in this litter are sold.

Ellie was bred to Dauber in July. Puppies are due September 17 or 18th. The sire is Willcare's Leisure Suit Larry, call name Dauber Dauber . Both Ellie and Dauber have OFA hips/elbows, Cerf eyes, heart clearances.

6/25  No news as I'm still waiting for Ellie to come into season.
7/09  Ellie is now in season and will probably be bred July 16th or 17th.
7/20  Ellie was bred on Friday and today. In 4 weeks I'll know if she is pregnant. Puppies will be due Sept 18th.
8/17  Ellie is pregnant. The Dr was able to feel a couple of bumps in there!!
9/14  Ellie at 8 weeks and 3 days, just a few more days to go. I was able to find 3 heartbeats on one side and 2 on the other. We will see how many she actually has once they are born. She does seem to be smaller in size than last time.  
9/18  Puppies are here. It was a long day and night and an emergency c-section. The puppy heart beats were showing signs of stress so rather than wait for delivery, a c-section was done. It was touch and go at times getting the puppies to breathe, but every one made it. 3 boys and 1 girl.  
9/19  Puppies are doing good. Quiet night and I was able to get a couple of hours of sleep here and there. Ellie is doing fine and most of the pups have put on an ounce since yesterday .... the black boy a little more than that. He is also the biggest pup right now. I'm sure the others will be catching up soon. Lunch time  
9/20  Chow time Everyone is doing great. The black boy is the biggest but only by 1 ounce. The girl and the other boys are now 1lb 1oz. It's amazing how much their bodies have filled out in just 2 days.  
9/21  Snoozing Everyone is doing great.  
9/22  No picture today, I'm hoping tomorrow will be sunny so I can take a movie of them moving around and making noises. The black boy is now 1.5lbs and the others are just 1 ounce behind.  
9/23  I think I timed the pictures perfectly today, right now it looks like it will rain again. Moving around  Eating again  Group photo   
9/26  Finally another sunny day. Everyone is 2lbs and over and doing great. Moving around  Eating my brother's ear  Group photo   
9/27  Some weekend pictures. . Got Milk?  Relaxing    
9/29  Time for a bigger pool. . Ellie and babies   
10/03  Over 2 weeks old now and the Black boy's eyes are partially open. You can see some of this in the movie. They all can get up on all-fours for a short time. The girl's eyes will probably be the next ones to open. Crashed after breakfast  Moving around  More moving around   
10/05  Black boy is the only one with his eyes open. The other three just have small slits open. They are starting to hear noises and when one starts to cry the others chime in. Black boy will crawl over to me and all of them are up on their legs pretty well. Hearing mom near them and that started the search for her. Moving around  More moving around   
10/07  Finally!! Everyone has their eyes wide open. Last night, they were still slits. Ears are working and so are the vocal cords. If one wakes up early, that wakes up the rest of them. Singing for breakfast  More singing  Finally some food   
10/09  3 weeks old today and out of the pool. The pups are now downstairs in an x-pen. Everyone is moving around pretty well and I can feel some little bumps (teeth) in their mouths. The biggest pup is now the Orange boy at 5lb 1oz, the rest are at 4lb 13oz. Fighting  Moving around  More fighting  Blue & Orange fighting Crashed on my legs    
10/13  Head shots of the pups. Everyone is doing great. Both orange and black boys are now 6lbs even. The girl is 5lb 8oz and blue is 5lb 13oz. Orange boy (left), Black boy (right)  Pink girl (left), Blue boy (right)   
10/14  The teeth are starting to hurt and the pups are walking better. The newspaper is still a bit slippery for them at times. There goes the toes  Crying for mom   
10/17  4 weeks old yesterday. Big day for the pups. They were started on baby cereal and goat milk and had their first trip outside. Black and Pink are not impressed with the new food. Orange and Blue love it and belong to the clean plate club. Clean plate crew  Outside Pink and Black were the more adventurous. I don't think Blue like the feel of the grass on his feet, but both Orange and Blue eventually got the hang of it. Outside I  Outside II  Outside III   
10/19  A beautiful day outside for the pups. They are starting to explore the area, but crashed pretty quickly. Black boy  Pink girl  Orange boy  Blue boy   
10/20  Movie day before the rain comes in for a couple of days. Moving around  Camera strap tug of war  More with the camera strap  Playing  Raspberry Attack  Ankle biter   
10/23  5 weeks today and several firsts for the pups. The boys are all 8lbs, the girl is 7-14. Orange continues to be the biggest at 8-14, Black at 8-12 and Blue at 8-8. They had their first meal of softened puppy kibble with the milk and cereal over the top. And first time they have seen snow. Everyone loved the new food and the snow. Snow   Snow II  More snow  More snow II  Crashed 
10/25  Snow is gone, but still not exactly summer. Playing in the raspberries   Orange boy with Mom  Black boy  Blue boy  Orange boy  Pink & Black in the raspberries 
10/27  A beautiful day for being outside. Eating outside 
10/28  Fairly warm outside. The pups are doing a good job of keeping their pen clean while I'm at work. The love to go outside and explore. They nurse from mom 4-5 times a day now as their main meal is puppy food. I brought the tunnel outside and they were all going through it in a matter of minutes Playing on the dog bed   Attacking mom  Puppy dish  Tunnel time  More tunnel   
11/01  Six weeks old and a big weekend for the pups. Everyone gained 2 lbs over the past week and are now 10lbs. They had their first long trip in a car. There were several stops,but we finally completed the 3 hr trip. Everyone slept in a crate at night and only woke me up once each night. The weather was very cold with some snow. The pups were glad to be back home where it was relatively warm. As I was taking the movies I noticed that the pups can now run. Running   Running II  Running III  Running IV  Orange boy  Black boy   
11/05  A beautiful day and a busy one for the pups. They got their shots this afternoon. Everyone did well and were friendly to the techs and the Dr. No problems with the shots and they all got a clean bill of health. Black and Orange are 12.6 lbs, Blue is 12.0, Pink is 11.6. Ellie is still feeding them 2-3 times a day. Their sharp teeth are worth enduring so she can steal some of their chews.   Playing  Lunch with mom  Playing with mom 
11/09  Another beautiful day. Some head shots of the boys, Pink girl was not very cooperative, so her pictures is not very good. Pink   Black  Blue  Orange 
11/12  It's been a busy couple of days for the pups. They had their eye check yesterday and everyone passed. The car ride up and back was pretty good - I think the pups have gotten used to being in a crate and in a moving car. Ellie has finally cut them off from nursing. They keep trying to get to her but she just moves around and you can see that from the movies. Playing with mom   Mom teaching the kids some bad habits  PLaying tug  Toys I  Toys II 
11/13  Last day for the pups to be all together and they cooperated with sitting together for a picture. Then the little girl decided to join the group for a group phote. It's almost like they knew.. The boys, Blue, Orange and Black   The boys and the girl in front  Head shots and stacks   
11/14  Time for the pups to go to their new homes. The pink girl will be staying here with me. Black boy   and his new family. Blue boy   is now Tanner with his new family. Orange boy   is now Tank with his new family. Pink girl   relaxing.    
11/18  Pictures of puppies in their new homes. Tank movie   Tanner (Blue boy)   Black boy & his Uncle Doc  Black boy in the leaves   Black boy & Doc with a stick