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All the puppies in this litter are sold.

A repeat breeding of Ellie and Dauber was done in March. Puppies will be due May 5th or 6th, and ready to go home June 30 or July 1. The sire is Willcare's Leisure Suit Larry, call name Dauber Dauber . Both Ellie and Dauber have OFA hips/elbows, Cerf eyes, heart clearances.I am accepting names on the waiting list for this litter. Click Here to view my puppy sales contract.

3/8  Ellie has been bred to Dauber. I will have her checked around April 1 to see if she is pregnant.
4/5  Ellie was palpated on 3/31 and only 1 puppy could be found. So, today Ellie had an ultrasound and 3 puppies were found. This will be another small litter.
5/5  The puppies have arrived. Ellie must have been hiding one, as there were 4 pups, 2 girls and 2 boys. Puppies I   Puppies II  
5/7  The puppies are doing great. Their dew claws were removed yesterday. Everyone is eating well. Ellie is a great mom and is always in the pen with her babies. Snoozing I   Snoozing II  
5/8  Movies of the pups starting to wake up and eat. They can be very noisey at times. Waking up I   Waking up II   Crashed  
5/9  More pictures and movies. I've noticed that the pups have been more vocal when they don't think they have had enough milk. They whine and cry while trying each nipple out only to crash. They are gaining 2-3 ounces per day so they are getting more than enough. I put them in a little towel nest this morning while I changed their bedding. In the nest   It wasn't long before they decided that the nest wasn't much fun. Moving in nest   I put them back in the pool but had a Traffic jam   when the Yellow girl decided to block some nipples. Jam cleared  
5/10  Everyone is doing great and packing on the weight. I've had to let each pup's collar out. By next week they will be big enough for real collars. Crashed out   Movie  
5/11  Snoozing with mom. Snoozing  
5/12  One week old today. Everyone is over 2lbs now. Chowing Down   Chowing Down, the movie  
5/14  Quietly Sleeping  
5/17  Big day for the pups, a new bigger pool and real collars. The ric-rac couldn't be let out any further. Eating again  
5/18  Snoozing, feet up  
5/20  Pink girl has a tiny slit open on her right eye. The rest of the pups do not have any tiny openings. Snoozing   Blue walking  
5/21  Pink girl has both eyes slightly open, the rest are just starting with a tiny slit. Each one is up on their legs and moving around. They can hear louder sounds and wake each other up. Fussing for food   and all they wanted was lunch  
5/22  Everyone has their some portion of their eyes open. Pink is still the one with the best vision and will come to over to my hands when I have them in the pool. They now mouth each other and try to play with mom, too. moving around   and playing  
5/24  Eyes are all open and the pups are on the move and pretty full of themselves.... Noisey   Noisey II 
5/25  New diggs for the pups, they are now out of the pool and downstairs in a much bigger pen. They love to mouth my fingers and I think I can feel some bumps along the gums. Mouthing   Mouthing II   New crib  
5/26  Three weeks old today and started to sprout some teeth. I can feel some sharpness under their gums. They love to chew on my fingers and each other. Lunch   Crying for mom  
5/30  All the pups have teeth and they are now out far enough that it hurts a bit when they chew on your fingers. Everyone is at least 5lbs. The Pink girl is still the largest. Attack of the Croc eaters Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV  
6/01  First trip outside for the pups. After a few minutes they were all toddling around and exploring everything. Exploring Part I   II   III   Yellow Girl   Pink Girl   Blue being difficult   Blue Boy   Green Boy  
6/02  Big day for the pups - 4 weeks old, another time outside, and their first taste of baby cereal and goat milk. Everyone got the hang of it very quickly. Outside part I   II   III   Yellow girl playing with mom  
6/04  The pups are not that impressed with being outside. They like the cool basement and start to pant and fuss to go inside. Once they get a bit bigger they will have more fun outside. Exploring the grass   More lunch after their cereal  
6/05  The pups had a good time outside this morning. It was cloudy, so no sun and fairly cool. They have started to play with toys and carry around stuffed animals. They have also taken a trip out to the raspberry plants to chew on the leaves. I think the plants will be stripped in no time. Playing   Exploring the raspberries   Toys   Yellow crashed   Pink crashed   Blue crashed   Green crashed  
6/07  Another good day outside with the pups. I brought out the tunnel and everyone went through it. They prefer to go outside to potty and know the sound of the food dishes being filled. There is a lot of noise once they know that food is on the way. Yellow in the tunnel   Yellow playing   Pink and Blue playing tug  
6/09  5 weeks old today and lots of fun outside. The Pink girl is still the biggest at 8lb 8oz, Blue and Yellow are 8lb 4oz and Green is 8lbs even. I started them on softened puppy food and there have been no complaints. Everyone took to eating the food without a problem. Blue boy   Green boy   Yellow girl   Pink   refused to look at the camera. Snoozing under the dog bed.  
6/16  Six weeks old today. Pink is still the biggest at 10lb 14oz, Blue is next at 10lb 10oz, Yellow is 10lb 8oz and Green is 10lb 1oz. Ellie is feeding them less, even though they would prefer her to their dog food.
6/17  Windy day, the tunnel had to be put away. Everyone is doing great and they love to go outside and play....if it's not too hot. Playing in the water.   Cool hide out  
6/20  Early morning outside with the pups. The pups are starting to sleep less and play for longer periods. Playing in the box   In the box II   Blue   Green chewing  
6/22  A hot and sticky afternoon. The pups want no part of being outside right now. The pups know the feeding routine and run to get to their dishes. Running for food  
6/23  7-weeks old today and vet check and first set of shots. Everyone passed the vet check, and didn't even notice the shot. The pups were less than thrilled with the car ride down and back from the vet - lots of crying in the car. Pink is still the biggest pup, 12lb 8oz, Yellow was 12lb 6oz, Blue was 12lb 4oz and Green was 12lb even. A front has gone through and it's nice and cool tonight. The pups are enjoying being outside tonight with comfortable temps and no sun!
6/25  The pictures are from Thurday and early this morning. The poor pups melt when the sun is out and it has been hot and humid. Camera strap attack   Playing   Under the cot   Rumble in the tunnel  
6/26  Hot, rainy, stormy and humid. Got the pool out to help keep them cool. All but Yellow were in there digging around. The last weekend the pups will be all together. They can play pretty rough now, so it's time for them to go to their new homes. Checking out the pool   More digging in the water   Pink get the rock from under the water   Chewing their bones   Chewing their bones  
6/28  A much cooler morning for playing. The pups got their first long car-ride, and they were crying and carrying on all the way up to the Cities. They finally slept on the way back. Everyone passed their eye exam, yeah! Playing  
6/30  8 weeks old today and the first puppy left for his new home. Blue boy is now called Moose and will be living in Kansas. Moose   his new owners. Moose   at home with a stick.
7/3  Mr Green left for his new home today and is now called Yukon. Yukon   and his "big brother" Jake Yukon swimming  
7/4  The Yellow girl will be staying with me and is now called Maia.   The Pink girl is available for adoption. Pink girl  
7/31  The Pink girl has a new family and has a new name - Mara